How To Get Bigger Biceps

5 Ways To Get Bigger Biceps

Getting bigger biceps is the dream of many! How to get bigger biceps is generally asked by many aspiring body builders to their fitness guides and in many public forums. Getting bigger biceps is all about doing the right exercises, for the right duration of time and eating right.

There is actually no magic formula to get bigger biceps. Here are some tips which will help you to achieve bigger biceps in a short time. Hope you find them useful.

5 Ways To Get Bigger Biceps

Try Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbell curls help in getting bigger muscles. You can start by standing while keeping your feet shoulder width apart.

You need to hold dumbbells in both your hands and then extend your arms while keeping your palms inwards.
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You can curl the dumbbell inwards slowly. You can use kettlebells or barbells also for the purpose.
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Decide On Training Time

Have a limited time for training. You should never train too long just because you are looking forward to grow your biceps or else you will strain them and cause injury.
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Arm muscles are usually fragile than all other muscles and hence applying force can be a disaster. It is best to have training sessions for 30 minutes as these are enough for building your muscles.

Decide On Training Time

Try Chin Ups

This exercise might seem to be a bit tough in the beginning but works effectively to increase the growth of your biceps. You will need to grip a bar well while your hands are shoulder width apart. Your palms should face you. You can cross your feet and then lift your body till your chin is in a higher position than your hands.

You can slowly lower your body and get to the starting position. You can repeat this 6-8 times and in sets of 2.
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You can increase it as you grow your strength. Keeping on adding weight as you get stronger.

Chin Ups

Decide Training Days

You might be aiming for bigger biceps but this does not mean you have to train each and every day. Resting time is crucial for your muscles and they need time to recover. They will get larger with time but will need ample resting time too.

Never over-strain or you will injure yourself and have to go without exercises for days. It is best to train just three times a week – if you workout correctly, you will benefit.


Bring Change In Your Lifestyle

To grow your biceps bigger and healthier you need to bring a change in your lifestyle. You should reduce your consumption of high calorie food. You need plenty of nutrients for energy as you will be training a lot but not fatty foods. Include whole grains, fresh fruits and plenty of vegetables in your diet.

You need to have lots of water to keep your muscles hydrated and help them grow.

Stay away from alcohol and quit smoking if you haven’t till now.¬†Hope the above tips will help you in getting bigger biceps effectively and you are able to achieve your goal in a short time.