How To Get Muscular Without Using Steroids

Most men dream to have a fit and muscular body in order to look good. Men, these days, do not shy away from using steroids to get massive physique.

Bodybuilders believe that by using steroids they can increase their muscle mass quickly without having to do any real hard work. But the truth is that there are many side effects associated with the usage of steroids.

If you are trying to build muscles with the aid of steroids you might not realize but you are paving way for many ailments like low sperm count, liver and kidney damage and even impotence. Given below are some tips to build muscles without using steroids.

5 Tips For Muscle Building Without Using Steroids

1. Comprehensive Workout Plan:

The best way to get muscular is by having a regular workout session that includes lifting heavy weights. Push yourself a little more everyday to lift more heavy weight. The heavier the weight is, the more your muscles will have to strain to lift it.

You also need to increase the counts little by little so that your muscles can grow. Focus on doing exercises that promotes muscle growth without tiring you out. Performing a couple of exercises with repetition for every muscle group will help you a lot.

2. Take in More Calories

The kind of food you eat is going to determine the kind of body you have. If you are more inclined towards junk food you will accumulate body fat. On the other hand, a balanced diet can help you to build muscles because of its nutritious elements.

Your food must include proteins that are vital for mass building. You can rely on food items like milk, egg whites and green vegetable that are rich in proteins. You need to remember that you have to include more calories than you burn.

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3. Avoid Too Much Cardiovascular Exercises

Bear it in mind that your aim is to build muscles rather than cutting down the fats from your body. Although cardiovascular exercises are good for your body they promote burning of calories. With this thought in mind, you should not engage in more than 20-30 minutes of cardio vascular exercises. By keeping this session short you will be able to retain the calories you are taking in.

4. Monitor your Progress

To taste success in any endeavor it is important to monitor your progress from time to time. Therefore, you must practice self-monitoring so that you can know if you are really benefitting from the exercises and diet plan.It will also help you in determining if your muscle gaining program needs any modification. Maintain a diary for your daily food intake.

5. Rest your Body

If the exercises are taking a toll on you it is advisable that you reduce the pressure. Your body needs to be well rested for building muscles which is why you must have a good night of sleep.

7-8 hours of sleep every night is important to revitalize your body. The strained muscles need time to recover from exhausting workout so that they can work as good as new on the next day.


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