3 Tips To Get Rid Of Muscle Knots Spasms

Tips To Get Rid Of Muscle Knots Spasms

Most of the back sore problems are related to spasms or muscle knots. These types of issues are usually less painful than other muscle pains and can be easily ignored or treated with home remedies. Sometimes, they are to lack of sleep and disruption of daily activities.

If you are a student or a professional bodybuilder then paying extra attention to these spasms is not at all an additional problem.

But, if you are business or other these muscle knots and spasms interfering with your official works is definitely quite irritating.

Muscle knots and spasms are quite common in the upper back region and I used to suffer from such problems on a regular basis. The lower part of my shoulder blade pained so much that I could not sleep or work properly. However, here are the three useful techniques that helped me and will also help you get rid of muscle knots or spasms.

Ways To Get Rid Of Muscle Knots Spasms

1. Stretching

Early morning is the best time to perform the stretching exercises. After waking up, stretch your body as a part of your warm up exercises before you start your daily activities or further workouts.

Breathing plays an important role while performing the free hand or stretching exercises.

Hence, start with deep inhaling with your arms stretched in front of you and palms facing upward. Exhale out slowly and turn the palms down. Complete few repetitions following the similar pattern and do fill and empty your lungs completely during the process.

Stretch one of your arms straight across your chest and use the other arm to press it against your chest using only the forearm region. Exhale deeply while you press it and your fist must be parallel to your face. Perform this stretching exercise for both the arms. For leg muscles stretching, lie down on your back and bend your legs to bring the knees near your chest and stretch the hamstrings. Now stretch your legs straight and try to bend our feet backward to pull your thigh muscles.


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2. Exercise

Moderate exercise not only keeps you in good shape but also helps you to prevent muscle knots and spasms. The exercises include swimming, running, playing sports and walking. You can also perform certain physical activities like gardening or yard work to loosen your muscles and avoid any injuries. There are many free-hand exercises like squats, and crunches for of your body.


3. Water

A properly hydrated body is the ultimate weapon in this trio. It is really unbelievable to consider drinking of enough water as a preventive measure against muscle knots and spasms. 8 cups of water per day will not only flush the toxins and excess salts out of your will also keep the muscles lubricated to prevent any sort of injuries.

After completing your stretching exercises in the morning, drink at least 16 ounces of water and feel the difference within 2 hours. Keep your body hydrated throughout the day and try to reach the full hydration limit of 8 cups per day.