6 Treatments To Heal A Torn Bicep Muscle

 Treatments To Heal A Torn Bicep Muscle

Lifting any object or bending your elbows requires the bicep muscles located in your upper arm. The bicep muscle group comprises of two muscles. These muscles are quite vulnerable to tears and ruptures, provided they are under constant stress.

You may experience a severe muscle tear if the warming up exercises before the weight lifting session is not adequate or if you are lifting weights beyond your ability.

The common symptoms of an injured bicep include loss of strength, bruising, a large bump and sharp pain. There are various ways through which you can treat your torn bicep muscle, but each one of them includes adequate rest.

How to Treat Torn Biceps Muscle

1. Rest

Biceps being one of the smaller muscle groups are vulnerable to more complications at the time of injuries. You need to stop all the exercises immediately that include the movement of the biceps. You should seek medical attention as soon as possible and avoid straining your arm which will further worsen the injury. Your general physician will evaluate the seriousness of the damage or tear and can even suggest an MRI test to pinpoint the exact location.


2. Surgery

If the injury to your biceps is quite serious then a surgery may be necessary. A serious tear of the muscle fibres can only be reattached through surgery. It is a complicated process and often requires secondary opinion from a different doctor for serious evaluation.

After the surgery is over, the patient is recommended to put his arm in a soft sling to immobilize the injured muscle and it takes several weeks to heal.
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3. Ice Pack

Icing the injured muscles also helps in quick healing. The cold treatment not only reduces the pain but also acts as an anti-inflammatory measure. Do not apply ice directly to your skin as it can cause frostbites. Either you employ a sealable ice pack or wrap a thin towel around the ice and affected area 3 to 4 times for a time span of ten to fifteen minutes.

 Ice Pack

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4. Physiotherapy

Physical therapy is quite important to regain full strength and functioning of your arm. In order to restore normal movement, you need to include gentle stretching and range of motion exercises in your workout schedule.

After your arm is completely healed, your physical therapist may suggest few stretch band, pulleys and light weight exercises to restore your strength.


5. Eliminating Items

Eliminate or avoid the activities that can stress your biceps until the pain is completely alleviated. Lifting weights or playing sports through the pain will further worsen the injury. Rest is the best way to heal the muscle injuries. Simply eliminate exercises that stress your injured muscles, but remain active with the free hand, light weight and stretching exercises.

Eliminating Items

6. Warning

While you are resuming your activities, make sure your pain has completely subsided. Provide adequate time to your body so that it builds back the same activity level prior to the injury.

Avoid muscular imbalances and rigidity by employing the surrounding muscles and engaging in stretching exercises. While working upon the surrounding muscles do not push them beyond their limits as it might hurt the injured muscles.