How To Improve Muscular Strength


How To Improve Muscular Strength

For effective functioning of your body, muscular fitness is as important as your mental well being. Rather if you feel physically stronger and fitter then your confidence improves and your thought process improves. However, you have to undergo strength training for improving your muscle strength and enhancing your endurance.

Strength training includes a lot of training with weights and spending those grueling hours in the gym. Lifting heavy weights not only increases your muscular strength but also tones up your muscles that make for a great looking body and also helps you keep away heart conditions and adverse effects of hypertension. So let us take a look at the routine that can be followed by you for increasing your muscular strength and lead a healthy life.

How to Increase Muscle Strength:

1. Workout Routine:

It’s very important to set up a routine for your daily life in order to achieve greater muscular fitness and strength. Hitting the gym on a regular basis is very important.You need to work out five days a week with resting in between for effective result. You need to adopt a healthy diet for achieving better results and that too in a short span of time. You can also take the aid of protein supplements for achieving better results.

Workout Routine

2. Training:

Training should be aimed at enhancing your muscular strength and improving your endurance level. There has to be a good combination of strength training and intensive cardio workout. Your daily workout should start with a good round of warm up and then followed by free hand exercises that should essentially be targeted at improving the endurance level of your muscular system.

A long session on the treadmill should be followed by exercises like squats, pushups and pull ups that makes use of your body weight for providing resistance and helps you in increasing your muscle tone and endurance.


3. Use Of Weights:

For lifting heavier weights, a good base needs to be developed wherefrom your body can take off easily. For preparing your body you can start off slowly with moderate weights. Concentrate on form and intensity. Go for higher number of repetitions that helps in getting your muscles toned and develop strength.

Once you can lift heavier weights, the improvement will be significant in terms of gaining strength. Start with 4 to 5 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions for each and once you feel the improvement in your level of strength and endurance then go for fewer numbers of reps with heavier weights.

 Use Of Weights

4. Rest:

Resting your muscles is as important as training them for achieving muscular strength. Strength will develop only when your muscles are allowed to grow with proper exercising and adequate amount of rest. Rest allows your muscles to recover from a hard session of weight training and grow bigger and stronger.


5. Diet:

A strict diet needs to be followed for enhancing endurance and increasing muscular strength. Daily diet should be rich in protein. Lean protein in the form of chicken, turkey, egg whites, pulses and skimmed milk is a must. Drink adequate amount of water to keep your body hydrated for reducing the chances of muscular cramps.