How To Increase Endurance

Increase Endurance

Any physical activity like jogging, walking, running or swimming, which leads to an increase in the heart rate as well as the rate of breathing, falls under the category of endurance exercises. These exercises help in increasing fitness, stamina and endurance. Building a good stamina is very much essential in having a good physique.

Unless and until you are not fit enough or do not have the stamina and the endurance to take on long strenuous exercises, you cannot continue with exercises which helps in reducing fat or building muscles. Here are some tips on how you can increase Endurance.

5 Ways To Improve Physical Strength And Endurance



Never rush into performing all the exercises, all at one go. The building up of endurance should be a gradual process. The exercises should be performed little at a time, starting with as short as 5 minutes. The start should be all the more, slow if you have been out of practice for a considerable period of time.

Your aim must be raise your workout level from slow, to moderate, and then finally to vigorous, so that there is an increase in your breathing and heart rates.

Once the goal is achieved, the exercises must be divided into sessions that would last for about 10 minutes. At the end of the day, you must have had a workout session of about half an hour. Once you are used to the regular workout routine, a session shorter than 10 minutes would not be able to offer any respiratory or cardiovascular benefits.

The Right Amount Of Working Out

Right Amount Of Working Out

Endurance exercises must increase your rate of breathing, but not that high that you run out of breath. You must have enough amount of air to talk.

Activities leading to pain in the chest or dizziness must be avoided.

The pre and post endurance activities form an important part of the sessions.These include light activities like brisk walking, which help the body warm up before and cool down after the exercise, respectively. Stretching, after the endurance exercise, when the muscles are warm, is also useful.

Remain Hydrated

Remain Hydrated

Sweating becomes unavoidable when you exercise. As a result, the body tends to lose a lot of fluids. These fluids need to be replenished.

Thus, a large amount of water must be consumed along with other energy drinks. Safety equipment while exercising is a must in order to avoid injuries.

How To Progress

How To Progress

As you are increasing the duration of the workouts, the difficulty level should also be slowly built up. For instance, the initial walking can be transformed into brisk walking or jogging after a month or so.

Varieties Of Endurance Exercises


The endurance activities can be moderate as well as vigorous. Moderate ones would include swimming, dancing, bicycling, rowing, volleyball, mowing or raking, playing tennis and golf, brisk walking, and several others. Activities like climbing up of stairs, snow shoveling, digging holes, jogging, swimming laps, hiking or skiing would be vigorous endurance exercises.Follow all these tips mentioned here and have a strict exercise regime to be fit and build a good endurance level.