How To Increase Height In 1 Month


How To Increase Height In 1 Month

Are you unsatisfied with your height and wondering whether is it possible for you to increase your height even after crossing 20? Definitely, your answer will be yes because a good height reflects a better personality but how it will be possible? You might have searched a lot about it on internet and might have followed the exercises given on such sites to increase your height.

But, the fact is that height increasing exercises improves chances of height gain only when it is followed with a perfect diet plan.

You can’t grow taller with exercise alone without proper diet plan but the good news is that exercises releases the growth hormone and a proper diet plan makes such hormones active and fresh which in turn results in increasing height. If you’re unhappy with your present height and serious about increasing your height again then following stretches will be beneficial for you to gain height.

How To Increase Height In 1 Month:

1. Bridge Exercise:

First lie on your back with the support of your knees keeping your feet at the flat position on the ground Position of your heels should be near your buttocks followed by leaving your arms straight down by your sides. Now, lift your buttocks and hips up thereby pressing your feet down followed by taking a deep breathe at this position.

Bridge Exercise

After this, you need to slowly lower your back from your neck nape to your lower spine so as to complete one set of this exercise. Repeating this exercise for at least 5 minutes daily during morning time will definitely give better result in achieving height gain within a month if it is followed by a nutritious diet plan.

2. Cobra Exercise:

Cobra exercise

Cobra exercise is a fantastic and most effective exercise to lengthen our pine. To do this exercise, you need to lie on your stomach by keeping your palms flat. While lying on your stomach, the position of your palms must be under the tops of your shoulders followed by lifting up your head and chest to complete this exercise. Your palms position needs to be completely flat while following this exercise because inappropriate position of your palm on the ground may make you prone to some injuries.

3. Table Top exercise-

This is another good exercise for increasing height which is accomplished with your seating flat on the ground with bent knees and flat position of feet on the ground. After making a setup of your feet and knees position, next you need to place your hands behind you on the ground followed by keeping the position of fingertips in a forward direction.

Table Top exercise

On such position, you need to lift up your chest and hips straight up by pressing both hands and feet into the ground. In this position, when you try to look yourself by lowering your head, you’ll find that your body acquired a shape of a table top.

That is why; this exercise had been termed as ‘table top exercise.’

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4. Forward Fold Exercise:


Forward Fold Exercise

forward fold is another very effective exercise to acquire tall look.  In this exercise, you needs to bend yourself forward at your hips or you can also sit on the ground keeping your legs in a straight position followed by folding forward your legs and then grabbing your left knee with your right hand and twisting both of your knees. Same step must be repeated with the right knee i. e twisting of right knee with left hand. Repetition of this exercise gives better result in increasing height of its doer.

5. Swimming:-

Swimming is the best exercise to gain height that both lengthens and strengthens muscles. In fact, around 5 hours of swimming in a week will definitely give you desirable height within a month or a two. While swimming in the water, people uses their arms, legs, and entire body to the fullest this in turn, lengthens their limbs within a week and gives amazing strength to their muscles too as a result.


Therefore, it is advisable for you to learn swimming right now in case you didn’t know it till yet because this is a exercise which you can easily follow without taking any stress or giving any pain to your body parts. In fact, you’ll enjoy swimming when you’ll learn it by yur trainer.

6. Hanging Exercises


Hanging Exercises

Hanging exercises are also very beneficial to achieve tall look in which you only needs to pull yourself or simply hang from a pull-up bar. Hanging exercise seems to be quite painful at initial but when one learn technique to hang for a longer period; he or she will not realize even a minor pain on the body.

Your stretch for 10 seconds at a time for 2-3 minutes daily will give you unbelievable result in your height increase within a month.


These are the top exercises to gain height within a month that require lots of practice at initial stage for a beginner. SO, follow these exercises and enjoy your tall look like others.