How To Measure Muscle Endurance

Measure Muscle Endurance
Muscular endurance refers to the capability of a group of muscles to perform continuous work for a long period of time. Muscular endurance is absolutely essential for people who are into constant activities, sports or exercises. Such people need to maintain a regular regime of activity and muscle endurance helps to sustain this regime.

Understanding the muscles responsible for Muscle Endurance

Here you would need to understand the types of muscle fibers in your body. There are two types of muscles in the human body – slow twitch fibers and fast twitch fibers. Fast twitch fibers help you to exert a stupendous amount of force but only for a short period of time.On the other hand, slow twitch fibers cannot exert as much strength as fast twitch fibers, but are helpful in exerting an even amount for a longer period of time. Thus, you can clearly understand that while slow twitch muscles ensure endurance, fast twitch muscles estimate the strength.

Why is Muscle Endurance Important?


Muscular endurance becomes a very important factor when you are involved in a regular regime of sports and other types of physical activities.For example, you may be involved in swimming, cycling, hockey, football, badminton, tennis, or any other sports for that matter.

Cross country running is an activity that depends hugely on muscle endurance.

2 Types of Muscle Endurance Tests

Muscle endurance tests are of two types – the push up test and the curl up test. Both these tests will help you to measure the muscle endurance that you have. However, be forewarned, that if you experience any kind of pain in the process of performing either of the tests, you need to discontinue immediately.

Also, you must be doing these in the presence and under the supervision of an expert trainer.

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The Push Up Test

Push Up

The push up test is a one minute long test that will help you to assess your muscle endurance in the upper portion of your body. To do this test, you will need to place your hands on the ground, each at the distance of your shoulder.

Maintain a straight back and keep your head aligned to your spine. Women can modify the position a little bit by resting their knees on the ground. Now lower your body until it is three inches from the ground and push back up. Continue doing this continuously for a minute, without any breaks.

Record the number of pushups you could do and consult your trainer.

The Curl Up Test

Curl Up

The curl up test will help you to assess the muscle endurance capability of your abdominal muscles. To do this test, you need to lie down on a mat and bend your knees perpendicular to your body. Next, place your hands straight on each side and mark the point on each side where your fingertips reach.Now measure six inches from each of these marks and mark these as well. Now lie with your face up and with the first mark, begin the crunches. While doing the crunches, also make sure to reach and touch the six-inch position as well. Continue doing this for a minute and record the number of crunches. Consult your trainer for your muscle endurance.