How To Prevent Knee Injuries

Knee pain is notoriously common among athletes and can become chronic if remedial action is not taken. One of the best ways of preventing knee injuries is exercising correctly and taking necessary guidance from qualified professionals especially when you are engaging in weight training or competitive sports.

The right training with preventive steps will ward off knee pain.
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Let us now see some of the ways in which you can prevent knee pain.
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How To Prevent Knee Injuries

Maintain your Weight

Obesity is one of the leading causes of knee pain. Extra fat on the body puts tremendous pressure on the knees making you prone to injuries and knee pain. The best way of avoiding this is to maintain a healthy weight by regular exercise and correct eating.

Prevent Knee Injuries

Wear Good Running Shoes

A common mistake that people make is to wear running shoes that have worn out or lost their tread. Running on hard surfaces like tar, concrete or even treadmills with old shoes paves the way for knee injuries.
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Invest in a good pair of running shoes from international sporting brands especially if you are fond of running outdoors. The right fit can cushion the impact on your knees and prevent knee pain.

Warm up and Cool Down

Warming up and cooling down is very essential to any exercise programme. I have seen several athletes do heavy weight training without sufficiently warming up or cooling down after their exercise. This can lead to sore muscles and knee pain. You must warm up well before a crucial run or days when you are engaging in lower body workouts. Stretch those sore knee muscles after running or weight training. This will protect your knee ligaments and joints.

Opt for low Impact Exercises

If you are already suffering from a knee problem, avoid stressing your knees by engaging in low impact cardio programmes. Do the cross trainer or low impact cycling which is softer on the knees. Do swimming and walking when you are suffering from knee pain.

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Strength Training

There is nothing like weight training for strong muscles and joints. Engage in lower body workouts like squats, lunges and leg presses to strengthen the knee socket and develop muscular strength in the lower body.

Increase Exercise Gradually

When you are weight training, it becomes tempting to lift heavier weights. Make sure that you are moving on to a heavier lift at a gradual pace. Suddenly increasing the weights can put stress on your knee ligaments and cause knee pain.
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Consult a Physiotherapist

If you are suffering from a chronic knee problem, consult a physiotherapist who will give you a comprehensive schedule to build back your knee strength and make the muscles stronger. Sometimes a pulled ligament requires surgical intervention. Surgery is a tough option and the knee takes months to recover and come back to its original form.
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Knee problems can be easily averted if you eat correctly, exercise correctly and keep your weight in check. A good amount of time spent in stretching the knee after exercise nips, knee pain in the bud.

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