How To Prevent Overtraining Abdominal Muscles In Bodybuilding

How To Prevent Overtraining Abdominal Muscles In Bodybuilding

No matter how much you work upon the other body parts there is always a tendency to over-train the abdominal muscles. It is a general problem and can be brought to focus by asking a trainee the number of sit-ups, trunk twists, crunches and leg lifts he had performed in the last month. If he is over-training his abdominal muscles, he is bound to forget the repetitions as it has gradually increased over the month.

These people actually get infested with a barrage of questions whenever they start training and end up over-training the abdominal muscles. These questions are all related to the daily progress judgement where the trainees hopelessly search for any increase in core strength or any sign of six-packs appearing.

Though the cardiovascular exercises play an important role in visibility of the abdominal muscles, but over-training is also responsible for the under-development of the target muscles.

How To Prevent Overtraining Abdominal Muscles In Bodybuilding

1. Anatomy Of Abdominal Muscles

Anatomy of Abdominal Muscles

It is always an added advantage to know the anatomy of your target muscles before you start working upon them. The core or the mid-section muscle group comprises of external obliques, internal obliques, rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis.

All these muscles fill up the spaces between your rib cage and pelvic bone. Performing crunches just after the trunk twists will develop your external and internal obliques faster as compared to rectus abdominis. Performing abdominal exercises for 2 days a week is enough to achieve noticeable development provided you keep the repetitions and sets same for each exercise.

2. Avoid Overloading Your Abs

There are many beginners who spend hours per week performing the abdominal muscle exercises in order to achieve six pack abs. You must consider that each group of abdominal muscle is comparatively small. Moreover, most of the bodybuilders have diets which are half the workouts they perform. You should eat your foods in proper ratio containing carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats.
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Avoid Overloading Your Abs

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3. Effective Abdominal Exercises

There are 4 abdominal muscle groups which you need to focus twice per week. For internal and external obliques, trunk twist is the ideal exercise.

For the rectus abdominus, which helps to shape your six packs, you should perform decline bench crunches.

You can also employ the simple prone bridge to train your transversus abdominis.
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Two sets for each exercise are enough. If 20 repetitions in each set seem excessive, you can decrease the reps, but you must complete the two sets.

Effective Abdominal Exercises

4. Endurance Training

An endurance or cardiovascular training is the most essential part when it comes to shaping your mid-section. You need to cut down the fats in order to see your abs. Even if you have the strongest core in your training centre, there is no point possessing such strength unless they are visible. Treadmill is the most effective and simplest cardio exercise to start with.

Endurance Training

5. Nutritional Intake Record

Due to inconsistent nutritional intake you may face the problems of over-training and under-development, even if you are sincerely following the routine. After writing down the daily diet or weekly nutritional intake, you should scrutinize the chart and make the necessary amendments.

Nutritional Intake Record