3 Tips To Prevent Overtraining Back Muscles In Bodybuilding

Overtraining is a common problem in the world of bodybuilding. In the ensuing article, we would deal with the overtraining of the back muscles of a human body.

It is very important to focus on the aspect of overtraining as it may result in a grave injury that could easily jeopardize the career of a prospective bodybuilder. So, here are the finer points that are to be kept in mind while working out your back muscles to prevent overtraining.

3 Tips To Prevent Overtraining Back Muscles In Bodybuilding

Know Your Body

For effective training, it’s imperative to know the muscles that are being trained by you. Our back has a group of muscles that function as a unit and take care of each other. The largest of the group is the Latissimus Dorsi or the Lats. The Lats look like a triangle and extend from the shoulders down to the narrower end of the back.
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The Lats are helpful in moving our shoulders to and fro.

Next in line are the Trapezius muscles or the Traps. The Traps run right down from the neck to the lower back and is laterally attached to the shoulder blades.
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It supports the arms and helps in moving the shoulders. The third one in this group are the Spinal Erectors which are present in the lower back and help in supporting the spine and provide protection to the nerves.

All of the above muscles are supportive of each other and injury to one from overtraining will lead to the other group of muscles being affected adversely. So stay cautious and take your time in perfecting the forms before pushing hard.

Warming Up

One of the most important points to keep in mind is starting up on the right foot for a session of weight training. Even before you try pushing your back muscles with heavy weights, you should make sure that they are warmed up and ready to take the toll. You should start your session with stretching of the back muscles. Stretching helps the muscles to remain flexible and healthy.

You can stretch your lats by holding onto a strong support and bending down. You push until you feel a pull on your lats.
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You can also twist your body from the waist to stretch your back muscles. After stretching we move on to some warming up exercises. We try to get our heart rate up and let the blood flow to the muscle groups and thus get them prepared for a session of heavy weight training. While lifting weights, you should keep the heaviest sets reserved for a later stage when your muscles are warmed up and ready to go that extra mile.

Resting Your Muscles

Once you feel fatigued and dizzy, you should let your body take the much needed rest. The calls of overtraining are to be noticed and answered. The heart rate should not be allowed to get out of control and muscle cramps are to be avoided.
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Train your back once a week; rest it properly for thorough recovery and get a healthy diet in place for healthy muscle growth.


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