5 Tips To Prevent Overtraining Neck Muscles In Bodybuilding

Tips To Prevent Overtraining Neck Muscles In Bodybuilding

A thick and vascular neck is quite common in almost all the bodybuilders and hence there are many novice trainees who are looking forward to have such thick necks through rigorous training. But, you need to be very careful before you deal with that part of the body.
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Very small muscle fibres combine together to form the neck muscle group and are prone to sudden injuries or damages. Moreover, they are also the most essential part of the anatomy, helping you to move your head in different directions. Cautious training of neck muscles or prevention of over-training can be achieved by following these 5 simple steps.

Tips To Prevent Overtraining Neck Muscles In Bodybuilding

1. What Is Your Aim?

Properly defining your purpose is the most crucial step that you should perform before you start with your neck training exercises. You must ask yourself whether it is important enough to pump up your neck muscles and that you can perform each and every related exercise efficiently, without injuring the muscles.

An addition of maximum one or two exercises in your weekly neck routine is favourable for your neck growth. Moreover, you should not over-train the delicate muscles if you are planning to add some thickness to your pencil neck.

What Is Your Aim?

2. Fix Your Target Muscle

There are many small muscles around your neck and you should decide on which muscle you want to work upon after you have closely learned your neck anatomy. There are many bodybuilders targeting the sternocleidomastoid muscle for growth and development of the neck region.

This muscle is the most functional part as compared to other muscles in its group and is responsible for rotation and flexion of the neck. The movements associated with contraction and relaxation of the sternocleidomastoid muscle is quite interesting and you should learn them properly in order to perform the exercises with greater efficiency and depth.
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 Fix Your Target Muscle

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3. Avoid Over-training

Training your neck once a week will be sufficient to bring about noticeable changes within 2 or 3 months. Since the neck muscles are quite small there is no need to set a separate routine to rigorously train the neck muscles.

Simply slip the exercises in other body part charts. It is the perfect time to train your neck muscles after you have completed your shoulder routine. This is because the shoulder muscles being closer to the neck muscles already stimulate them when you work upon the former.

Avoid Over-training

4. Consistency

If you do not want to waste your time by adding the neck exercises in other body part routines, you can simply perform one neck exercise per day followed by an alternate exercise on the next day.


5. Simple Starter

For the definition and mass building, the neck curls are quite effective. All you have to do is simply lay down your body, facing the ceiling, put a folded towel above your forehead for placing weights and lift a light plate like 10 pounds using your neck muscles.
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Curl your neck so that your chin touches the chest and lay it flat to complete the repetition so that the back of your head touches the bench.

Simple Starter