How To Prevent Overtraining Shoulders In Bodybuilding

How To Prevent Overtraining Shoulders In Bodybuilding

The lateral, anterior and the posterior deltoids form the shoulder muscles and are one of the well-defined muscle groups that get over-trained easily. As compared to other muscle groups, the deltoids are the smallest heads but cover a larger part of the human anatomy. There are many novice bodybuilders who envy the huge cannonballs of the professionals just above their big guns. They wish to imitate the look and start over-training their shoulder muscles leading to negative results.

Stressing or stimulating the deltoid muscles beyond a certain limit in a single training session may lead to total body rest. Yes, over-training of shoulder muscles can immobilize your arm and you may fail to raise it above your head the next morning.However, there always lies a chance of over-training the shoulder muscles and if you follow these simple four steps you can avoid over-training and get over the obstacles that hinder mass building.

How To Prevent Overtraining Shoulders In Bodybuilding

1. Knowledge


Most of the beginners do not know that the shoulder muscles comprises of three heads. You should learn about the muscles and their locations like anterior or front deltoids, posterior or rear deltoids and lateral or middle deltoids. Moreover, you should also know the particular muscle stimulated by the shoulder exercise you are performing. Be inquisitive regarding any exercise you are performing and before you plan your routines it is better to ask yourself or consult an expert regarding any exercise that you may doubt will not stimulate the target muscles.

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2. Crafting The Shoulder Routine

Crafting the Shoulder Routine

After you have gained some knowledge about the shoulder muscles, just have a look at your weekly exercise routine and arrange them accordingly. People who focus on each muscle group per day usually have a shoulder routine following a chest routine. However, you should not train your shoulders on Tuesday if you have fatigued your chest muscles on Monday. This way you are over-training your shoulders consecutively two days in a row. Chest exercises also stimulate your shoulder muscles and hence it is better to provide some rest before you focus on them specifically.

3. Follow The Basics

Barbell military press

Barbell military press is a compound exercise that opens up a new dimension as far as shoulder training is concerned.But, if you are already performing four shoulder exercises in a single day, it is better to have the barbell military press in your routine with reduced sets. The standing barbell military press not only increases the strength and endurance of your shoulder muscles, but also works upon all the three muscles simultaneously.

4. Exclude The Compound Exercises

Try to utilise the isolation exercises to pump up your shoulder muscles. Performing side and front dumbbell raises separately, you can focus on all the three heads of your shoulder muscles. Moreover, if you perform these exercises correctly, they are equivalent to standing military press, resistance band rear flies and side dumbbell raises. Just these two exercises can reduce the five sets in your shoulder training program to three sets. This is how you can reduce the chances of over-training the shoulder muscles.

Exclude The Compound Exercises