How To Reduce Stress With Exercises – Get Mentally Fit

Stress With Exercises

Today, stress is said to be an integral part of our lives. Out of every 10 adults, 7 are known to experience anxiety and stress related issues. Due to our hectic lifestyle, the extreme need to perform always and increasing responsibilities, stress is slowly engulfing us all in some way or the other. Its important to reduce stress or else it will lead to a number of ailments which includes hypertension, diabetes, nerve disorders and even depression in severe cases. Anxiety and stress can be reduced with exercises, if done on a regular basis.
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4 Exercises Which Combat Stress



Walking not just helps to reduce weight, it is good for your mental health too. It increases self confidence and improves mood. It relaxes the mind and reduces all symptoms of mild depression as well as anxiety. Regular exercising also helps in improving sleep patterns which gets disrupted due to anxiety and stress.

Exercising creates a sense of command on the body and life.



Pilates refer to a set of control movements along with mat exercises which help in building flexibility, strength and endurance. Practicing Pilates is a great way to exercise your way to stress removal. They also help in toning the body which improves your looks and makes you feel better. This all helps in boosting the morale and mood in a positive way.

High-Energy Activities

High-Energy Activities

There are several benefits of high energy activities which include swimming, running, spinning, in-line roller skating and even dancing. All these activities increase the heart rate. As soon as the heart rate increases, the body starts releasing endorphins which are considered to be natural opiates and makes the person feel better without any side effects.

However, before starting any of these high level activities it is recommended to check with the Doctor.
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Practicing Tai Chi

Just like yoga, Tai Chi is about self paced activities which involve flowing body movements along with several breathing techniques. These movements are said to trace their roots to many martial arts techniques, they help in conditioning and calming down the body.
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Thus Tai chi is said to be an excellent way to relieve stress

Tai Chi Classes

. Tai Chi also helps in boosting immunity system, building bone density, lowering blood pressure and relieving many symptoms associated with arthritis, heart failure and fibromyalia. The best part is that Tai Chai does not need a separate setup and can be done anywhere.Try any one of the above exercises and you will notice how relaxed you get.