How To Reduce The Severity Of Essential Tremor


Essential tremor is one of the most common problems associated with shaking and trembling of hands and arms.  At earlier stage, the symptom of essential tremor is considered lightly which in absence of proper diagnose at right time makes this problem more complex.  Factors like stress, tiredness, certain emotions, anger and feeling of hunger makes essential tremor more complex. Many times the problem of essential tremor becomes severe with extremes in temperature.
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The symptoms of essential tremor can’t be notified easily especially when its patient works with the affected body part. However, drinking of alcohol reduces adverse sensation of tremor but this can’t be considered as a remedy for essential tremor.

The Problem Of Essential Tremor Is Incurable Buts Its Severity Can Be Reduced To Great Extent By Using Following Methods :-


There are tow medicines available to cure essential tremor namely primidone and propranolol. These medicines play a vital role in reducing the severity of essential tremor.

Primidone is a very effective medicine that reduces the level of essential tremor but causes side effects like sleepiness, nausea, tiredness and dizziness to the tremor patient.  While the other medicine i.e. Propranolol used to treat heart problems and comes under the category of beta-blockers.


Propranolol appears to be highly effective in all sorts of tremor and removes the heart conduction problem like asthma. User of this medicine too realizes the side effects like tiredness, dizziness and nausea and they increases with the regular use of these medicines.  During the diagnosis of essential tremor, doctors offer a low dose of one of these medicines and its dosage is increased if the medicine didn’t ease the tremor.
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Intermittent treatment:-

Intermittent treatment

This treatment method is usually preferred by the sufferer for an instant relief from essential tremor. If the patient wants to attend an important meeting or a social engagement event the he or she takes a single dose of propranolol as this medicine eases the tremor satisfactorily for that event.

Some sufferers of essential tremor consumes little amount of alcoholic drink before attending that function so as to get relaxation from trembling and shaking.

Botox Injections:-

Botox Injections

Botox injections or Botulinum toxin injections ar also very effective in reducing the sensation of tremor but its side effect is also very harmful for the health. The side effect of Botox injections includes weakness of the arms which is quite intolerable for the patient. That is why; health professional never suggest taking Botox injections to tremor patient. However, this treatment method is used rarely when the essential tremor affects the neck and the head.

Surgical Method:-

If the patient of essential tremor didn’t get relief from the problem by taking medicine or injection then he or she needs to go through surgical treatment because the tremor is a severe one.  There are two main surgical procedures for the treatment of severe essential tremor viz.
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Thalamotomy and Thalamic deep brain stimulation. but they‘re not usually recommended because these surgical methods results in causing potential side effects like memory loss, speech problems and muscle problems to the health of patient.

Surgical Method

However, for the patients, the Thalamic del brain stimulations give maximum benefits and lesser side effects even if it also involves thalamus. The only risk with this treatment method is that sometimes it may cause bleed into the brain which in turn can cause wakens and loss of sensation like side effects. Therefore, it is better for you to not prefer surgical method and try to get best solution with medicine to avoid any complexions of this problem.