How To Stop Neck Muscle Spasms

How To Stop Neck Muscle Spasms

Sometimes involuntary contractions of the neck muscles lead to painful hardening or tightening of the muscle fibres and this is known as neck muscle spasms. The article ‘Neck Spasms’, presented on Med.
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There are many ways through which you can stop neck muscle spasms, but they all comprise of the 4 primary treatments – ice or heating, message, stretching and meditation. In this post, you will get to know certain free-hand messages and stretching that are certainly going to stop your neck muscle spasms, accompanied by the other 2 items.

How To Stop Neck Muscle Spasms 

1. Neck Pull Down

The neck pull down is the best exercise to ease the neck muscle tightness. All you have to do is simply turn your head to the right side and pull down your head towards your right chest by holding the back of your head with both hands.

Maintain the stooped position for 15 seconds, then relax and repeat the same for 2 more times.
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Now, turn your head to the left side and perform the same movements, following the same repetitions and the same durations.


 Neck Pull Down

2. Chin Movement

Chin movements around your shoulder helps to relieve your neck muscle spasms to a large extent. Simply turn your head to the left so that your chin is just above your shoulder. Press your right palm to apply a moderate frictional force to your chin and slowly move your chin down towards the right shoulder.

Allow your head to remain in that position for 10 seconds and relax. Perform 3 repetitions. After completing the repetitions, perform the same movements over the right shoulder using the left palm and allowing same repetitions and durations. You should not jerk your neck while stretching as it interrupts the blood supply and leads to further injury.
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Chin Movement

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3. Head Movement

For support simply place your forefinger or thumb on your chin and gradually move your head backward to stretch your neck.

Remain in the stretched neck position for 5 seconds and then return back to relaxed position. Continue this movement for 5 times.

 Head Movement

 4. First Aid

Immediately after experiencing tight muscles in your neck region, pinpoint the affected area and massage them using your fingertips. After 2 to 5 minutes of continuous massaging, take two naproxen or ibuprofen tablets and repeat the dosage every 6 hours. These are the safest anti-inflammatory drugs and you can take them any time when you feel necessary.
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Use a sealable ice pack or wrap ice inside a towel before you apply it to the affected area. If you cannot reach the affected area, you can tie a strap around your neck with the ice compressed directly upon the tight muscles.

15 to 20 minutes of ice treatment is enough and you need to repeat it every 4 hours or in between if the pain is quite severe. Allow 48 hours of rest to the neck muscles and then apply heating pad. There is not hard and fast rule or durations for heat pad application and you can use it many times per day.

First Aid