How To Stretch Your Shoulder Blade Muscles

The rhomboid major and the rhomboid minor are the two muscles which are involved in shoulder blade movement.  You need to stretch these shoulder blade muscles. Often you may crouch at your desk in a position that creates tension in your shoulder blade muscles. You need to do some stretching to relieve the tension in your shoulder blades.

You need to take certain steps in order to stretch the muscles of your shoulder blades effectively.  Shoulder blade muscles are important for maintaining the correct posture and keeping your shoulders aligned.

In this article, you will find certain guidelines pertaining to how to stretch the muscles of your shoulder blades in an effective manner.

Stretching The Shoulder Blade Muscles

1. Bear Hug Stretch

Bear Hug Stretch

You can do the bear hug stretch a couple of times in a day. You should stand with your back and torso straight. Your right arm should be across your body and your hand should reach the left shoulder blade.Place your left arm across your right arm and let your left hand rest on your right shoulder blade.

Then inhale a deep breath. Following this, proceed to hug yourself till the shoulder blade muscles are stretched completely.

2. Rhomboid Muscle Stretch

Rhomboid Muscle Stretch

You should sit in a chair and cross one leg over another such that the ankle of one leg is resting on the knee of the other leg. You need to then grasp the ankle with your other side’s hand and place your elbow on the knee.Holding onto your ankle, lean back and push your shoulder blades forward in the direction towards the floor. Hold this position for about 30 seconds and then release. Repeat this exercise by alternating each side.

3. Fixed Bar Stretch

Fixed Bar Stretch

You need to perform this exercise using  a fixed bar. Face the fixed bar. Using both hands in the overhand position, grasp the fixed bar.Inhale deeply and then slowly lean back as you exhale and keep your body and hips aligned in a straight position with your feet firmly planted on the floor. Hold this stretching exercise for about 20 seconds and then release yourself from this position.

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4. Scarf Stretch

Scarf Stretch

Wrap your left shoulder with your right arm like a scarf and make your right shoulder sag downwards. Place the the left hand at the back of the right elbow and take a deep breath.

  While exhaling, your left hand should pull toward the insides of the right elbow and towards the front portion of your left shoulder.Hold this posture for about 20 seconds and then perform this exercise using the other hand alternately. This is a good exercise for stretching your shoulder blade muscles.

5. Guidelines For The Stretching Exercises

Guidelines For The Stretching Exercises

Make sure that you warm up for a few seconds before you start your stretching exercises. This ensures that you remain flexible while stretching and also avoid an injury. You need to do the warm up to prepare your muscles for stretching exercises.  You need to perform repetitions of these stretches at different points of time in a day to get optimal results.