6 Ways To Treat A Calf Muscle Injury

 Ways To Treat A Calf Muscle Injury

Calf muscles are also quite vulnerable to injuries and are generally caused when stress upon the calf muscle detaches it from the Achilles tendon. Sportspersons, especially the runners, are prone to such injuries. Depending upon the severity of the pain, the calf muscle injury can be categorised into 3 grades.

Minor injuries, causing simple muscle tears, get repaired within 48 hours and induce slight discomfort, severe injury takes nearly a fortnight to heal, while a complete muscle rapture leads to severe pain and calls for immediate medical attention.

Whether it is a home remedy or a doctor’s prescription, a calf muscle injury must be attended immediately as it may lead to further complications.
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Treatments For Calf Muscle Injury

1. Consult An Orthopaedist

Consult an Orthopaedist

If you are suspecting that the leg pain you are suffering from is nothing but a calf muscle injury then you must seek the advice of an orthopaedist immediately. There are many websites that are going to help you find the qualified orthopaedist or surgeons in your area. While choosing the nearest orthopaedic surgeon you must make sure that they are licensed by the government board of orthopaedic surgery. You can also employ your local connections to conduct a search for the best orthopaedist in your neighbourhood.

2. First Aid

There are several first aid options that you can easily try at your home before you take a trip to the nearest orthopaedist. The first aid for calf injury includes resting the injured limb, ice pack treatment to reduce inflammation and pain, bandaging the limb with ACE bandage or any elastic bandage to ensure moderate compression and elevating the limb.

First Aid

Elevating the limb to a higher surface prevents swelling of the affected area.

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3. Heel Pad

A heel pad is quite essential especially when it comes to calf muscle injury. A shoe store specializing in orthopaedic shoes usually keeps such recovery heel pad. You can purchase them from the nearest shoe store or you can ask the orthopaedist to list the shoe stores in that area where you can purchase the heel pad.

Heel Pad

4. Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

As an ideal painkiller you can take ibuprofen for your calf muscle injury. This drug is quite safer and is quite a common drug among the bodybuilders.
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However, you should not take any other painkillers unless they are supervised by your general physician.

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

5. Rehabilitation

You should rehabilitate your calf muscles slowly and gradually and only under the supervision of rehabilitation therapist or a trained sports injury professional.

You should not start the process all by yourself unless your general physician gives the approval. Early exercising or incorrect workout may cause serious complications.


6. Tips And Warning

Athletes and runners usually suffer from calf muscles injuries due to several causes like ineffective stretching before and after workout, sudden increase in running time, improper running technique, uphill running and dietary deficiencies.

If you are planning to set a running routine for yourself, you must make sure that your schedule includes warm up, hydration breaks and warm down. Include multivitamin tablets in your diet.
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If you feel a slight discomfort related to calf strain, do not continue with your workouts or exercises.

warm down