How To Treat Muscle Aches

There are several conditions related to the causes of muscle aches. Sometimes it is quite easier to know what led to such pains. However, there can be various minor injuries related to the tendons or ligaments that call for doctor’s attention, as soon as possible.

Requiring a trip to the doctor depends on the severity of the pain and you can even incorporate few home remedies if you are not fond of prescription products. In this post, you will get few tricks to treat your muscle aches at home considering the level of severity of the pain.
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Treatments For Muscle Aches


There are several creams, gels and ointments to treat your muscle aches. Simply visit the nearest drugstore and get the ideal ointment for your muscle pain.

Muscle Aches treatments

You can also ask the pharmacist for any recommendations.
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Applying these ointments on your skin may evoke a heat sensation but you will definitely feel the relief once you apply it on the affected area.


Sometimes just applying the ointment may not help and you need to massage the affected region with your fingertips. This type of problem usually arises due to overtraining or excessive muscle stress and this treatment will not only provide temporary relief but will also ensure flexibility of your muscles.
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Slow and controlled movements will help to heal the muscle aches at a faster rate as compared complete bed rest. Complete rest after a session of rigorous training will bring back the same painful experience next time when you hit the gym.
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cardiovascular exercises for muscle aches

At this particular time, it is better to perform light stretching or cardiovascular exercises for flexibility and muscle repair.

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

If the severity of the pain is beyond your endurance limit, you can take anti-inflammatory drugs like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. These drugs are safer and you will definitely find them on the precautionary drug lists of every professional bodybuilder. You can get the directions from the labels or you can ask the pharmacist.

Natural Treatment For Muscle Aches

Soaking in warm water is one of the best ways to treat muscle aches in your feet or legs. This type of treatment has trickled down through ages and if you want to accelerate the healing process, simply add some Epsom salt to the warm water.

Ice Treatment

The ice pack treatment not only reduces the pain by rendering numbness to the affected region, but also prevents inflammation.

Natural Treatment For Muscle Aches

In order to achieve the best result from this treatment, apply the ice pack within the first twenty four hours of the injury. Prepare the ice pack using ice cubes and a sealable plastic bag to prevent water leakage.


A well hydrated body is less vulnerable to such muscle aches or cramps. Hydration here does not mean bloating your stomach with water. It is the maintenance of fluidity at the time of muscle movements or strains. Sports drinks are indeed quite useful, but while purchasing the ideal sports drink search for the word ‘electrolytes’.

Hot Bath

A proper hot water bath not only eases the muscle aches but also increases the blood circulation. Treat the unreachable muscle aches with proper nutrients through your blood stream by simply soaking your body in a hot tub.