How To Use Exercise Equipment In A Gym

Equipment In A Gym

You get to see plenty of varieties in exercise equipments at your gym. Staring from the medicine balls and dumbbells to weighted bars, all the resistance oriented equipments are meant to enhance or increase the muscular endurance and strength. The treadmills, bikes and the elliptical, on the other hand, are meant to improve aerobic fitness.

No matter how much versatility is exhibited by the new equipments hitting the gyms the basic approach of usage has remained all the same. Let us now see how we can deal with these weight as well as cardiovascular equipments.

2 Tips To Use Exercise Equipment In A Gym

Using Weight Equipments

Using Weight Equipments

Instead of asking the co-performers or the partners at your gym it is always better to ask the qualified trainer if you are having any problem in the form of certain exercises or in the training routine. It is wise to leave the particular item for the day if your trainer is absent. Using the correct form of exercise will not only provide you with maximum results but will also avoid injuries.

Along with proper diet a proper rest is also mandatory. A muscle group requires at least 48 hours of rest after a rigorous workout. Directions from a trainer to determine the proper form of an exercise and the muscles it affects will serve as safety information and will also help you to categorise your routine according to muscle groups.

It is recommended to always adjust the back rest and the seat of the equipment before using it so that it suits your height.A brief warm-up session before touching the weight equipments is highly recommended for all the users irrespective of their experiences. Using the cardiovascular equipments or the light weight instruments for 3 sets with 12 to 15 repetitions will prepare your body to handle weight lifting activities.

8 to 12 repetitions per set is compulsory for every exercise and if you get fatigued before reaching 8, you should decrease the weight to maximize results. Lifting weights at least twice per week is bound to increase muscular strength. If you feel that pumping irons are going to decrease your body mobility, simply workout with full range of motion. Joint mobility is highly enhanced covering the full motion range of weight exercises.

Using Cardiovascular Equipments

Cardiovascular Equipments

Utilize the side board of the treadmill whenever you begin or feel fatigued for safety reasons. The conveyor belt is vulnerable at any stage.It is better to start at a slow speed and then you can adjust gradually to reach the required speed. On the elliptical, simply step on to the foot plates and start pedalling to activate the equipment.

Once activated, you can easily adjust the setting using the console.

The training programs are all provided on the console. You can either choose the suitable program from the console or you can adjust the resistance or the inclination level manually.The exercise bike can be adjusted according to the height of a person. You must adjust the seat height in such a way that you knee bends up to 15 degrees.

Just like the elliptical, you need to pedal first to activate the console.