How To Use Free Weights To Get Ripped Six-Pack Abs

How To Use Free Weights

Free weight workouts are cool, high impact and quite fruitful. Purchasing single workout equipment and using it with different variations can give you adorable and dashboard abs within a quick span of time! Fitness freaks love to experiment with different workouts and equipments which can work wonders o different part of bodies and can help in getting a toned, perfect and adorable body! The free weight workouts are cool and simply refreshing which would give your body a boost of energy and perfect sculpting. From crunches to deadlifts, there are numerous amazing workouts which would work wonders on your body and get you enviable and cool ripped six pack abs!

Try these super cool free weight workouts and tone up your amazing abs!
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1. Free Weight Crunches With Dumbbells

If you believe that crunches are the most strongest and power pack workouts which can provide you the best core and abs, you are absolutely right! This amazing workout has been followed by everyone who wants a cool body with dazzling six pack abs. the most amazing part of the workout is, it can be merged with the brand new free weight workouts and can get you more adorable results! For performing free weight crunches, get two dumbbells in your hands and lie in the crunch position. You can perform the crunches holding both the dumbbells near your chest while stretching your back and abdomen. This cool workout would tone and sculpt your abs and would get them ripped and sculpted adorably!

Free Weight Crunches With Dumbbells

2. Cool Free Weight Row

An amazing dumbbell row workout would get you ripped and adorable abs for sure! This amazing workout is a cool variation of the free weight workouts which you can perform with dumbbells and can get adorable body. Hold the dumbbells while bending and the stretching the weight pulling it upwards. Perform this coo workout and get amazing results in quick time. This is a cool variation of the dumbbell rows which you can try and get awesome abs!
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Cool Free Weight Row

3. Free Weight Ab Stretch

For an amazing ab stretch and free weight workout, you must try this cool and awesome workout which would simply make your body sculpted, tightened and flexible. For a high focus over the abs, you must try this stunning workout which would not only work wonders on your abs but would also stretch and strengthen your legs, hips and entire lower body. You must consider this cool workout if you want ripped and adorably toned abs!

Free weight ab stretch

4. Free Weight Oblique Twists

Oblique twists are one of the coolest workouts which would work wonders on your sides, abs and your entire abdomen and would get you a dazzling and cool waistline with breathtaking abs! the oblique twists can make your body sculpted beautifully with sharpened sides and toned abs. this free weight workout would have a cool focus on your abs area and would get amazing results in some time! Perform 15-20 oblique twists regularly and watch the results!

Free Weight Oblique Twists

5. Dumbbell Lunges

Lunges are one of the most amazing workouts men prefer for dashboard abs! If you want finely ripped and amazing abs, try considering this cool workout which would get you perfect abs in no time!

The free weight lunges or dumbbell lunges are simply awesome and you can perform this high intensity workout for adorable and iconic results. Just like the lunges, perform them along with the dumbbells in both the hands. Stretch more with your abs while you perform the bends.

Dumbbell Lunges