How To Workout If You Are Not A Body Builder

The growing stress, tension and adverse lifestyle of the present generation are casting a dark spell on the health and fitness of today’s youths. The only way to get rid of all these are to exercise every day. A simple and regimented work out session will not only keep you healthy and fit, but it will also help you at keeping certain lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, cholesterol, indigestion, thyroid and hypertension within control.

But, there is the major issue that prevents many from exercising. Actually, they assume that every form of workout leads to the development of huge muscles and transforming an ordinary individual to a robust and muscular body builder! To be very honest, this is an entirely wrong conception.

Workout If You Are Not A Body Builder

The amount of exercise you do, the diet you consume related to your workout and the time you spend for the same determines the volume of muscle you will gain from your workout session.

Thus, for those who are aware of the merits of regular workout but afraid of developing a body as that of a muscular giant, we bring here instructions on how will you workout.

Easy Workout Tips for Beginners

Assume What you Want

Before you start working out, it is crucial that you must have a set goal in mind. This is the primary issue that will help you to set your schedule accordingly. Workout regime is chosen according to a variety of goals, such as reduction of body weight, decreasing body fat or increasing body mass index, improving endurance, enhancing sports performance and so on. So, select your ultimate motive behind workout.

Select the Exercise Pattern that Suits your Goal

Once your goal has been set you will have to choose the exercise regime that suits your purpose perfectly well. Basically, the whole system of workout is divided into three broad segments: cardiovascular training, resistance training and flexibility training.

cardiovascular training

Resistance training strengthens the bones, muscles, cartilage, ligaments and tendons along with areas, such as core, lower extremity and upper extremity. Likewise, flexibility training comprises of active, dynamic and static exercises and cardiovascular training includes aerobic and anaerobic training.  Thus, you need to choose the regime according to your goal.

Set Yourself a Time Period

Since you are not interested in sculpting your body as that of a body builder, it is recommended that you should set yourself a long term progression period. It is always best to let your muscles and body gain endurance and acceptability as you continue to perform the workout regime and increase its intensity gradually.

In general, it requires about six months to a year to get the desired result from your regimented workout session.  This prolonged time period might appear too intimidating for you. But, frankly speaking this is the actual time taken to achieve your goal. As most people fail to keep the patience, the goal appears ever unachievable for them.

Engineer a Workout Session

Workout regime demands a particular schedule. You should adhere to the same in order to get rewarding impetus of your strenuous labor.  There are a few basic steps that need to be followed one after the other in order to perform a scientific system of exercising.

First Step

stretching exercises for men

First of all, perform a few basic stretching exercises that prepare your body for the final regime, correct muscular imbalances, heal injuries and rectify distortions in posture.

Second Step

Second step is that of warming up. You can perform brisk walking, jogging and spot jumping during this time. This phase is important as it heats up the body and prevents the occurrence of muscular sprains and cramps.

Third Step

Third phase integrates different core exercises, balancing workouts, strength training and reactive exercises. This is the phase when you should perform the actual workouts that you have set for yourself.

Fourth Step

Workout Tips for Beginners

The next phase that follows must be dedicated to cardiovascular workouts.  Perform a few light aerobic and anaerobic regimes that will help your body to regain back energy, remove lethargy and strengthen your respiratory and cardiac functions.
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It will rejuvenate you again after a laborious session.

Fifth Step

The final phase that is mandatory for every one is a period of complete rest. Relax your muscles and worked out body. Perform this by lying down flat on an even ground. Your respiration should be normal and eyes should be closed. Let your mind and body relax completely.

Maintenance Period

After you have reached your desired goal, the next phase involves maintenance of the same. This indicates that you have to continue exercising regularly even after you have reached your target.
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  If you stop exercising during this phase, you will gain body fat and get deshaped more rapidly than you would do on a normal phase.  The scientific reason behind this is that, as you have set your body to a tailored made regime, its craving for fat remains optimum.

Hence, any relaxation on your part will result in massive deterioration of your constitution.
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It is most important to remember that during this maintenance phase you need not increase your time, intensity or pattern of exercising. All these factors must remain constant as you are not setting your body to a new goal now, just maintaining what you have achieved all the while.  All you need during this time is to be regular and serious.

Regular Assessment

Self assessment is utmost important at every stage of your workout. This principle is not only applicable for you, but the body builders have to adhere to the same too. Now, set yourself a regular assessment period. Say for example; test your level of performance after every 6 to 8 weeks so that you can have a track on your progress.

While Approaching Towards the Goal

During the phase of approaching towards your set goal you need to ascertain if you are improving at regular intervals or not and whether your progress towards the set goal is going positive or not.

Throughout the Maintenance Period

During the maintenance period you need to understand whether you are able to maintain your achieved goal properly or not. You will also be able to interpret any lacuna on your part during this phase and its ill effects on your body.