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Inner Thighs Fat Busting And Slimming Workout

Inner thigh fat is a common problem that often stops a lot of individuals from wearing their favorite short dresses or targeting that bikini. But inner thigh exercises are often not explained or done properly. As a result, this area tends to be filled with cellulite and rather wobbly. However, there are some inner thigh exercises that can be combined with cardio for losing fat from the area.

Here Is A Workout Sample To Lose Weight And Fat On The Inner Thighs

3 Sets Of Soccer Feet

This one is an exercise that really takes a toll on your heart rate. So just make sure that you are warmed up enough for the football run or soccer jog as many call it. For doing this exercise, you have to go as fast as you can for a minute. So put your hands in front of your chest and then using the balls of your feet, start jogging on the floor. Remember that only the heels of your feet will lift, not the balls or the toes. Keep going as fast as you can. This cardio exercise targets the inner thigh like no other. Now stop and rest for 20 seconds. Repeat for another minute. You should do at least 3 sets of this workout.

30 Cossack Squats

Once you are done with your cardio blast, you should move on to targetting the toning of the area. For this, stand with feet together and extend your hands in front of you. Now take the right leg and move it as far away from you as you can. Then bend down from the right knee as the left leg remains extended. Go as low as possible. Hold the position. Repeat this with the left leg. Again, don’t let your knees cross the toes. You should do 10 of these in one set and do at least 3 sets for a fat blast on the inner thighs.

3 Sets Of Ski Jacks

Now this your simple lateral jack that you do, but at an alarmingly fast pace. You have to keep in mind that you don’t have time to slow down in the workouts.  Stand with feet together and hands by the sides, now jump as you spread your legs forward and get them as far as you can. When doing so also take both the hands right up to the chest level. Unlike the jumping jacks, these focus primarily on the thighs and inner thighs. Remember that as right leg goes forward, while the left goes back. Do the same for at least one minute. Now stop and rest for 20 seconds. Repeat for another minute. You should do at least 3 sets of this workout.

Inner Thigh Lifts

For this workout you now have to lie down on the floor and turn right. Rest your weight on the right elbow and then cross the left leg over the right, so that it rests right near your crotch. With the left leg crossed over the right, gently lift your right leg. Do at least 20 sets on this side. Now change sides and repeat the same on the left. What happens here is that even as you lift the right legs and target that inner thigh, the left leg is working out too.

3 Sets Of High Knee Jacks

For doing this workout, you have to lift the right knee as high as you can and bring it close to your chest. When doing so you should bring both your hands towards the right knee and take it back up again. Do the same with your left leg. But remember here that you have to go as fast you can so that the inner thigh is stretched and toned, while the cardio move gets rid of the fat from there. For added toning, wear a 1 pound weight around the ankle. Do for one minute and then take a break for 20 seconds. Repeat again for 2 more sets.

3 Sets Inner Thigh Blaster

This one is like doing squats, but you place a cushion or a swiss ball in between your legs. Doing so really works on the inner thighs as it tones and blasts fat. For getting the posture right, you have to make sure that you are standing upright with both arms extended in front of you. Make your knees should not be crossing the toes or else you will do some serious damage. Start going down as much as you can, as you feel that pressure on your hips. The balance of the body should be retained because the ball is there in between the legs. Try to do 20 sets at one time and then take a break. Repeat for two more sets to lose fat and tone the inner thighs.


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