Joint Pain With Bodybuilding

The contact points of the bones are vulnerable to jerks and shocks. Whatever shocks and jerks you experience are transmitted directly through the bones to these joints. The joints act as shock absorbers neutralizing the forces. When you are working out with weights, you are highly utilizing the joints.

Hence, a joint pain is inevitable if you are not careful.

Chances of suffering from a joint pain are highly reduced if you choose the suitable weights and perform the lifts correctly and carefully. However, there are many professional bodybuilders who have often experienced this joint pain arising out of rigorous workouts.

Joint Pain With Bodybuilding

Using The Proper Form

The likelihood of joint pains originating from injuries related to weight lifts can be highly reduced if you perform the exercises correctly. The proper form of a particular workout is obviously not known to a beginner and hence it is always recommended to start with light weights. Though it takes several months to move to heavier weights or high intensity workout schedules, but it certainly protects you from unwanted injuries or joint pain.If you have a professional weightlifter or an expert trainer in your gym, it is wise to ask him about the proper exercise forms and correct ways to perform the same. If the trainer is absent, try lifting weights utilizing the resistance weight machines. These machines act as trainers or partners, guiding you to perform the exercises properly within a restricted range of motion.

Muscle Pain v/s Joint Pain

A muscle pain or soreness is normal after a rigorous workout. But, a joint pain is not normal and it does not depend on how rigorously you train your muscles. Working through a muscle pain will help improve muscle mass, but in case of joint pain it will further worsen the injury. You certainly need special care if your elbow, ankle, wrist or knee joint is paining. These joints are not surrounded by muscles and hence it is quite obvious that the pain is not related to muscles.


The symptoms related to joint pain include sharp pain, joint deformity, inability to further use the joint and swelling. A potential damage to a joint can also be indicated by localized pain and redness.

Now it solely depends on you. If you feel that your joint is injured, it is recommended to contact a doctor immediately.If you are unable to contact a doctor or you need immediate medication then you can take anti-inflammatory drugs devoid of any steroids like aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen sodium. As a self care measure you can also hold an ice pack against the injured joint for 20 minutes to kill the pain. Applying ice pack for few times a day will also improve the situation.

Precautionary Measures

Bodybuilding activities is not meant for children or teenagers. Engaging in such activities at such an infant stage may bring about many complications. The word ‘infant’ here refers to developing bodies or puberty where your body start producing hormones to build muscles. At this stage you may risk damaging muscles, bones or joints by following rigorous training routines. You should consult a paediatrician to make sure your child is ready to join a gym.


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