5 Kickboxing Style Exercises For Weight Loss And Flexibility


Muscle sculpting kickboxing style workouts can be a good surprise for your body. These exercise help in toning muscles, help in burning calories and are designed to lose fat from your body. These kickboxing style workouts involve quick movements and effectively target a number of muscles at the same time, which increases its overall effectiveness. Kickboxing style exercises are suitable for people who need to lose fat quickly.

Here Are 5 Kickboxing Style Exercises Which Help In Fat Loss and Muscle Building:

1. Punches

Punches are an integral part of kickboxing. There are different types of punches which help in targeting different parts of the body. Punches help in initiating quick movement and builds flexibility of the muscles. One common punch movement helps in targeting the nose. You can stand with your right foot a bit forward. Your position shall be like you are fighting. You will rotate your right hip forward and extend your right arm. Now, quickly twist your forearm. Your fist shall be parallel to the floor. Your arms shall be fully extended and will be in line with the shoulder. You will recoil immediately.


2. Jump Rope Combo

Jumping rope is one of the best calorie burners. Jumping rope helps in increasing your heart rate which means more calories burning and weight loss. For this exercise, you will be holding a rope and start skipping in a place. You can alternate a front heel tap as you quickly circle the arms. You can do this workout as quickly as you can. Do this workout for at least 30 seconds as you start.

Jump Rope Combo

3. Speedbag And Shuffle

This is a smart style which helps to keep your movement quick and your feet light. This is an excellent training drill which keeps your movement simple. Stand as you keep your feet hip distance apart. You will bring your arms just in front of the chest. Your hands shall make a fist. Your elbows will be by your sides. You can shuffle from one side to another. Make circles with your arms as you rapidly move them around. The movement will be just as you are hitting a speed back. To make this movement tougher, you need to quickly reverse the circle movement. You shall not lose speed. Do this movement as quickly as you can.

Speedbag And Shuffle

4. Front Kicks

This movement is like making a jab with your foot. You can do this movement with any of your leg. This movement targets your chest, groin, and knees. Stand comfortably, as you keep your left foot forward. Your fists shall be positioned as if fighting. You can slowly move your weight to the right foot. You need to move your left knee upwards to your chest. Keep your foot flexed. Your heels shall be close to your glutes. Keep the fists up and kick straight from your hips just as if you are punching. You can retract quickly and get back to the fighting position.

Front Kicks

5. Side Kicks

Side-kicks are a great strength builder as the force comes straight from glutes. Stand as you keep the left foot forward. Your hips will be a bit turned to right. The right toes shall be out a bit. Move up your left knee towards the chest. Your foot shall be flexed. You will exert some pressure and move your left leg out towards the left. Push from heel as you balance yourself. Your hands shall be in a fast. Now, retract the kick and get back into the fighting stance.

Side Kicks