6 Lean Bulk Diet Plan

Lean Bulk Diet Plan

Lean Bulk diet is absolutely a low carbs diet that requires to include a lot of fruits. Not more than 4-5 grams of fructose is to be included in the diet. Whole grain breads are in high prority as for this diet.

As this diet is low carbs, on the other side it is tailored with protien and fat. Though fibre is allowed during this diet. Lean Bulk Diet is basically meant for muscle building and is to be followed only with fitting exercises.

6 Lean Bulk Diet Plan For Bodybuilding

1. Calories And Carbs In  Lean Bulk Diet

Bulk Diet

Calories make your muscles. So as to build up great muscles, you require more calorie intake than you burn. However, going way too far with gaining calories will take you to the path of securing fat within your body. So there lay a discreet strategy to build muscles by gaining over calories yet not securing fat.

Just that you’ll have to check whether you’re not going overboard with the calorie intake and limit your meals to determined calorie counts. Your meals should be rich in 40-60 grams of protein and 40-80 grams of carbohydrate, though it solely varies on your physique. The aforesaid measurement of calories excludes the post workout meals.  Keep a strict limit on the intake of dietary fat. For that matter, Nuts, Olive oil and Fatty fish has intensely healthy fats that stretches to 5-10 grams at the most.

2. Timing In Lean Bulk Diet

Timing In Lean Bulk Diet

Proper timing in meals is the key corrector of your body. Had timing been upset, your body fat level also measures up leaving you no room for clamping it down.

Alongside, mismanaged food habit also hinders the muscle growth.

In case you exercise in the morning, expand your meals size so that your body pulls in those extra calories needed.

The long night’s sleep sucks out all the nutrition so your body falls in need of it, hence breakfast is solely important. It prepares and strengthens your muscles for another tiresome workout program ahead. Muscle gaining is very tricky. To tell you the fact, you need a clear picture in your mind before you kick start any exercise regimen that whether you want to grow muscles or fat.
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Because, seemingly muscle and fat gaining diets are almost same. So better you pick up a heavy breakfast twinned with a generous post workout meal and take care to divide your meals in smaller parts so that your digestion remains well. As you’ve above learned about the proper meal sizes, next for you to learn is a diet called Lean Bulk Diet that is known to build up your muscles well and real soon.

What’s more you don’t gain fat at all.

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3. Menu For Lean Bulk Diet

Lean Bulk Diet

The following menu is to be taken after a workout. Egg whites (10), Oatmeal in dry measure (1¼ cups) or alternatively 11-12 Raisin bagels, Orange punched with mixed fruit juice (1 cup). This meal sums up 669 calories, 58 g protein, 93 g carbs, 7 g fat.

4. 2nd Meal

2nd Meal

Chicken breast (8 oz), Potato (1 small to medium) This meal sums up 409 calories, 56 g protein, 37 g carbs, 3 g fat

5. 3rd Meal

3rd Meal

Whey protein shake (2 scoops), Rice cakes (6-8) This meal sums up 450 calories, 48 g protein, 58 g carbs, 2 g fat 4th meal (after working out):

6. 4th Meal (Postworkout)

4th Meal (Postworkout)

3 p.m.  Turkey breast (8 oz.), White rice/ Cooked pasta (2-3 cups), Whole-grain roll (1)  This meal sums up 1,096 calories, 78 g protein, 177 g carbs, 4 g fat . Always maintain 2 hours gap between two meals and fix a proper timing for all the meals to follow them vehemently.