6 Lower Body Equipment For Bodybuilding

In order to setup a compete architecture the foundations need to be strong, the human body is no exception to this rule. However, the upper body takes much lesser time to develop than the lower body. Probably this may be the reason the beginners get demoralised to concentrate further on their lower portion.

Whatever be your reason to ignore the lower part of the body, here I am going to discuss about six interesting equipments which are definitely going to motivate the gym owners to fill the empty space with something useful.

6 Lower Body Equipment For Bodybuilding

Powerline Extension/Curl Machine

When it comes to training your lower body, you need to practise harder to achieve speed, balance as well as coordination. The leg curl and the leg extension are not only the ubiquitous items on your exercise chart, but they are the best exercises related to development of leg biceps and quadriceps.

The machine also helps the users to maintain an upright position while performing both the exercises. The weight post has the diameter of one inch.

The weight plates and collars you get to see in the advertisements are optional.

Powerline PHG1000W Home Gym

The compact affordable machine is meant for experiencing a total body workout. The suitable adjectives that can be used to properly define the machine include dependable, versatile and durable. The upright back pad of the machine is solely meant for the press arm system, but you can also utilise the same as a station for chest press or pectoral dumbbell fly.
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The Home Gym fits anywhere and provides numerous exercises like high pulley, leg curl, low pulley, leg extension, etc. Pushing your weight lifting limits is further enhanced by the addition of the optional 150 pounds weight stack operated by a selector pin.

Powerline Roman Chair/Back Hyper

The Roman Chair are excellent for strengthening the lower back and abs crucial for any heavy weight exercises since these regions are prone to injuries. Though this machine is meant for novice bodybuilders and works mainly on abs and back, but it also develops hams and glutes with performance wrapped in complete safety and comfort.

Powerline Smith Machine

The Smith Machine is also regarded as the powerhouse machine that can perform the role of a perfect partner. This sophisticated machine has the capability to combine the resistance and free weight power with control and safety.

The steel pillars measure 2 x 2 inches and has thickness of about 12 Gauge, supporting the carriage and are embedded with 14 lockout points.

Powerline Squat Rack

When it comes to squat with heaviest of weights, the bar-holds are highly stable and secured in case of Squat Rack. With the height adjustment capability ranging from 30 to 60 inches, you can easily employ the machine to perform inclined, flat and declined bench presses, upright rows and shrugs, apart from squat and calf raises for legs.

GSCL360 Leverage Squat Calf Machine

If you ask any professional bodybuilder regarding an effective exercise related to the development of mass and power for the lower body, the reply is always ‘Squat’. However, there are risks associated with this ultimate exercise that works upon lower back, thighs, glutes and calves. These risks are highly eliminated by the machine and are replaced by enhancing effectiveness and other benefits.
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