3 Morning Exercise Routine For Bodybuilding

The morning session is the most popular time for workout whether you are a weekend or a regular trainee. Morning workout is mostly preferred by the bodybuilders because of the lesser crowd in the gym.

Moreover, the fresh energy that you get to exhaust in exercises also gets worn out by other activities that you perform throughout the day before hitting the gym in the afternoon.

In order to achieve the benefits of optimal results, you must set your morning routine according to your level of experience.

3 Bodybuilding Morning Exercises Routine

Morning Routine For Beginners

The workouts of a beginner must be set in such a way that they develop a functional as well as a solid muscular base for further construction. For this reason, you must maintain a full body routine each day.
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Working out for maximum 3 days per week is enough, with each session lasting for 45 minutes to 1 hour. In your routine, you must include the elementary compound exercises so that you can focus on more than one muscle group at a time. This will save some time and energy.
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The compound exercises include chest press, row, deadlift, squat and shoulder press. The distribution of workouts in your routine must be set properly so that you can easily target, stimulate and fatigue the muscle group within a short period of time.

Start with light weights that suit your strength and try to use the resistance machine so that you can maintain the proper form of the exercises. With an aim to increase the maximum resistance every week and performing 5 sets for each exercise with 5 repetitions each, you are bound to see some noticeable changes within 3 or 4 months.

Intermediate Bodybuilders

When a person feels that his muscles are stronger enough to endure more resistance, he enters the intermediate stage. At this stage the aim of a bodybuilder is to set a desired look to his body and this can be achieved through isolated training of muscle groups. Simply add an extra training session and make it 4 days per week where each day is for the training of particular muscle groups.

Let chest exercise be set for Monday, shoulders and back on Wednesday, biceps and triceps on Friday and abs and legs on Sunday.

On completing the beginner-stage you should gain some level of perfection when it comes to compound exercises and continuing this way just devote the extra time to isolation exercises. Here, perform only 3 to 4 sets for each exercise with 8 to 12 repetitions per set.

Morning Workout For Advanced Bodybuilders

The ultimate goal of an advanced bodybuilder is to further refine the muscular details. This can be achieved through separated training sessions for each body parts and increasing the training frequency to 6 days per week – chest on Monday, shoulders on Tuesday, arms on Wednesday, back on Thursday, legs on Friday and abs and obliques on Saturday. On reaching the advanced level, you can vary the sets and repetitions according to your wish. Higher repetitions with light weights for muscular definition and low repetitions with heavy weights for building muscle mass.


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