6 Muscle Aches From Pushups

Muscle Aches From Pushups

Pushups are an ideal exercise if you want to gain muscle, stamina and endurance. However, great care needs to be taken while doing this exercise. Overtraining can lead to muscle aches and soreness.
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  Muscle aches can also be a sign of an impending injury. Pushups are a vigorous exercise and it is challenging and leads you to push your body beyond its limits.

However, pushups can also lead to serious injury if you ignore your muscle aches. Prevention is better than cure and if you maintain good form and take adequate precautions, you can avoid muscle aches from pushups. What is equally important is that you treat the muscle aches in case you start experiencing them after the pushups.

6 Muscle Aches And Pushups

1. Maintaining Good Form

Maintaining Good Form

To avoid muscle aches, you need to maintain good form while doing the pushups. Pushups are a great way to exercise multiple muscles in your body ranging from muscles of the chest and shoulder to the thighs as well. Muscle aches can be avoided if the pushup is done correctly.

2. Muscle Fatigue And Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Some of the causes of muscle aches from the pushups are as following. One is muscle fatigue. Due to the constant movement of the body during the pushup, one can experience muscle fatigue and soreness.
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Another cause for muscle aches is delayed onset muscle soreness.

 Muscle Fatigue And Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Delayed onset muscle soreness results from inflammation within 48 hours after a vigorous exercise such as pushups. Swelling and muscle weakness is another accompanying symptom of delayed onset muscle soreness.  Delayed onset muscle soreness does not indicate any serious injury and it lasts for about a week to a fortnight.

3. Treatment To Relieve Muscle Aches

Rest is the perfect way to reduce muscle fatigue and muscle aches from pushups. Taking anti inflammatory medication is also important. Rest repairs the micro tears in the muscle and also heals the muscle ache.

Treatment To Relieve Muscle Aches

Applying heat or ice can also alleviate the pain from the muscle ache.

Taking rest periods while performing pushups between the sets can even act as a deterrent of muscle aches from pushups.

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4. Preventing Muscle Aches

In order to prevent muscle aches, you need  to ensure you do adequate warm ups before you start your pushups. Warm ups reduce the chance of injury and ensure that your body is ready to exercise. Light cardiovascular exercises and stretching exercises are ideal for doing a warm up. It is great to be able to prepare your muscles for the pushups by performing warm ups.

Preventing Muscle Aches

5. Getting The Right Nutrition

If your diet lacks potassium which is a very important electrolyte needed for muscle contractions  or your diet is low in protein which leads to inadequate muscle recovery, you will definitely experience muscle aches after pushups. To avoid or treat muscle aches, make sure your diet is comprised of the right nutrition.

Getting The Right Nutrition

6. Make Sure You Sleep Well

Ensure that you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep. Sleep is important for recovery and healing. In order to either prevent or treat muscle aches from pushups, you need to get adequate sleep. Sleep is important for muscle repair and recovery.

Sleep Well