7 Causes And Treatment For Neck & Shoulder Muscle Pain

Causes And Treatment For Neck & Shoulder Muscle Pain

You may experience neck or shoulder pain in tandem or individually, depending upon the severity of your muscle strains. These pains can be mild or severe and can also travel from one place to another, compensating for the actual injury.

If you feel that your neck or shoulder injury is you must consult your general physician for treatment. The prescribed items of the doctors usually include anti-inflammatory medicines, rest and physical therapy. Carefully examine your working shifts at and chores at home and accordingly determine the schedule to help your body alleviate the neck and shoulder pain.

1. Neck Pain Causes

Whiplash is a common cause of severe neck pain where the person who experiences the pain usually whips his neck quickly and severely.

Long term maintenance of a poor posture or muscle strains may also lead to such neck pains.

A or a degenerative disease affecting the particular area can cause severe neck pains.

 Neck Pain Causes

2. Shoulder Pain Causes

One of the most common shoulder muscle pains is tendinitis and it is generally caused due to overuse or weight lifting. The muscle pain of a dislocated shoulder is quite severe and is equivalent to the pain of broken collar bones or any other bones in that region.

Excessive stress on the upper body is largely borne by the shoulders and may often lead to tight shoulders or pinched shoulder nerves.

Shoulder Pain Causes

3. Neck And Shoulder Pain Relief

It is quite natural for novice bodybuilders to the dominant arm while lifting weights while the non dominant arm stays behind and usually lead to a cascade injury involving shoulder as well as neck muscles. Muscle pain in often causes awkward sleeping postures, extending the injury to the muscles related to the affected ones – the shoulder muscles.

Neck And Shoulder Pain Relief

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4. Diagnosis

Consult a doctor and try to pinpoint the affected area precisely. You may be asked to take an x-ray and if it out to be the doctor may recommend MRI or CT scan.

The latter tests provide detailed reports related to possible injuries


5. Prevention

If you are sitting in front of a computer throughout the day, there is a high tendency of experiencing neck or shoulder pain since your head may be leaning forward while you are typing. Positioning your body in a different manner or getting up from your desk more often are two simple solutions.

It is time to check your pillow and replace it if you are having frequent sleeping troubles. In case of long drives, take breaks and roll your shoulders and neck to avoid.


6. Treatment

The neck and the shoulder pains are usually treated with adequate rest and anti-inflammatory drugs like Motrin, Aleve or Tylenol. Apart from these, your general physician may also suggest to heat or ice the affected area.


7. Physical Therapy

Your doctor may suggest you to undergo physical therapy if the pain is quite significant. The therapy includes movement exercises like stretching, rolling, light weight lifting and pinching shoulder muscles. Stretching the neck muscles by holding the neck against the shoulders also provides temporary relief to your pains.

Physical Therapy