5 Post Workout Protein Requirements For Bodybuilding

In the weight measuring room the prime concern of the bodybuilders and the athletes is to gain some weight by increasing the muscle mass and decreasing the body fat. The situation has remained the same for years and along with it the target of the bodybuilders to maintain a perfectly balanced post-workout nutrition has also remained the same.

Since this post-workout nutrition concept has been in the discussion forum of these groups for years it has started trickling down to recreational bodybuilders or weekend lifters.
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Now these non-professional bodybuilders are also trying to benefit from a well balanced post-workout meal. Protein is the primary supplement for building muscle mass and it is all about post-workout protein requirements that we will discuss in this article.

8 Post Workout Protein Requirements For Bodybuilding

Post-Workout Period

The post-workout period refers to the 90 minutes of resting period just after the cessation of the exercises. This period encompasses the full 90 minutes and is marked by the nutrient-starved condition of your body.During this period the metabolism rate of your body is quite high and it tries to breakdown the protein and carbohydrates in your bloodstream in large quantities to replenish or rebuild the damages caused to the muscle tissues by the rigors of weight training.

Exact Amount Of Protein

While rebuilding the damaged muscle tissues during the post-workout period, the bloodstream lacks the adequate amount of proteins and carbohydrates for compensation. For this reason, your body starts cannibalizing the muscle mass to continue with its metabolism and to prevent it, there arises an urgent requirement for post-workout protein consumption.

According to Dr. John Berardi’s research in Western Ontario University, Canada, this muscle breakdown can be avoided by protein intake of 0.
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4 grams per kg of body weight. This dosage can be roughly presented as 35 grams of protein for a bodybuilder weighing 200 pounds.
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Type Of Protein

As a post workout protein you need something that dissolves quickly into your blood to be consumed by your body for repairing the damaged tissues. This process need to be as fast as possible and for this reason you should not consume any slow digestive protein.You should remember that all proteins are not created with equal characteristics and it is always recommended to consume protein in liquid form like protein shake for faster digestion. Whey protein is a rapidly digested protein while casein is among the slow digestive protein types.

Expand The Post-Workout Period

If you cannot provide post-workout protein within the stipulated time period of 90 minutes then you can simply expand the window by providing your body with something to chew upon. It is almost equivalent to rapidly ingesting protein into the muscles.

This can be achieved by increasing the insulin level in your body. The insulin acts as a transport hormone supplying nutrients to muscle tissues and to spike the insulin level you need to consume 0.8 grams of easily digested carbohydrates per kg of body weight.


Considering the fact behind the urgent requirement of protein after a rigorous training program it is quite evident that the post-workout nutrition is the only difference between a rapidly developing muscle mass and useless heavy weight lifting in gym.


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