3 Power Bodybuilding Workouts Routines

Power Bodybuilding Workouts Routines

In order to prepare an ideal bodybuilding routine, you need to consider the two primary factors – the experience of a bodybuilder and the number of days you are following your current routine. The beginners must stick to the fundamental workouts while the advanced bodybuilders must utilize a variety of techniques and exercises to maintain their well-defined physique.

Occasional changes in items not only break the monotony but also push the muscles into a path of continuous growth. Here are the excellent power bodybuilding workouts for all the training levels that ensure increase in muscle gain and endurance.

3 Power Bodybuilding Workouts Tips

1. Workouts For Beginners

Workouts For Beginnersc

Building a perfect muscular foundation should be your primary objective if you have recently joined a gym and you are totally ignorant about bodybuilding exercises or resistance training. The best way to do this is to start with fundamental exercises after warm up and then move to compound exercises for mass building.

The compound exercises include bench press, row, shoulder press, deadlifts and squats. Perform full body workout for 3 days per week. Contribute 5 sets to each exercise with at least 5 repetitions and rest for maximum one and half minutes in between the sets.
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After 3 to 4 months of continuous training, you will feel that the improvements and changes have started to level out.
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This is the time you should change the workouts in your routine. Though you have to stick to your fundamentals, but you can always choose alternatives to certain items in your routine.
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2. Workouts For Intermediates

Workouts For Intermediates

After working out for several months if you feel that you have developed an impressive muscular base then it is the ideal time to move on to the intermediate level. In this level, instead of full body workout simply split the attached muscle groups. Set back and biceps workout for Monday, triceps and shoulders for Wednesday, chest and legs for Friday and abs and cardio exercises for Sunday.

Do not exclude the fundamental exercises from the routine and the extra time you save can be dedicated to isolation exercises. The isolation exercises focus on specific muscles and bring about impressive growth and development. The sets will decrease to 3 or 4 while the repetitions will increase to 10 or 12.

In this level also you may feel the same monotony after few months, simply change the order and items with alternatives.

3. Workouts Of Advanced Bodybuilders

Workouts of Advanced Bodybuilders

The advanced exercises are only for those bodybuilders who have been working out for more than a year and are now looking forward to refine their muscular details. Use the isolation exercises only and assign a particular exercise to each muscle group.

A wider variety of exercises will not only break the monotony, but will also fine tune your physique. For example, you can concentrate completely on your upper chest on the chest day and perform the exercises that involve incline bench press or incline dumbbell press while relax the lower pectoral muscles. Here, the sets and repetitions solely depend upon your capacity and the severity of the exercises you are performing.