3 Pre And Post Workout Bodybuilding Nutrition

Pre and post workout meals regulate the rate at which you reach your goals. You can either achieve your targets at a faster rate or you can stumble throughout your venture. If you are planning for a constant and intensive physical training, you must support your plan with a goal oriented nutrition program.

Whether you are lifting weights to build muscle mass or engaged in endurance running, you must maintain a proper diet plan before and after each workout session to achieve the benefits of your effort.

In this post you will get to plan and know about your pre and post workout meals.

Importance of  Pre & Post Workout Bodybuilding Nutrition

1. Planning

To remain fuelled before and after each training session you need to plan meals ahead of time. If you hit the gym on your way to work or on your way back home from work, you should prepare and schedule the meal components before going to sleep at night. Leaving the task for the next morning increases the chances of forgetting your lunch or gym bag. Moreover, it is also tempting to hit the road after training for fresh air instead of eating the post workout meal before leaving the gym.

You should have your pre-workout meal about 1 to 2 hours before training and post-workout meal immediately after training. The 30 minute post-workout window is a crucial time for the bodybuilders as the muscles start their repairing process and if you fail to provide necessary components, your body will cannibalize the muscles for energy. Apart from packing your lunch, you must also pack these meals to work and keep a portable blender if you are fond of shakes.

2. Carbohydrates

There is no problem if you keep slow digesting carbs as a part of your pre-workout meal. You can have chicken, brown rice or whole-wheat bread if you think your body will be able to digest them before you start your training. Slow digesting shakes, like peeled orange or cored apple with whey protein powder mixed in milk, are excellent alternatives providing enormous energy throughout your training.

While working out the stored energy in muscle fibres get exhausted and for this reason after workout you need to consume fast digesting carbohydrates to quickly replenish the depleted energy. Post-workout nutrition includes protein shakes and fast-digesting carbs like white bread sandwich, white rice and baked potato.

Fresh pineapple also metabolizes at a faster rate as compared to apple, oranges and banana.

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2. Protein

While training, the protein in your blood gets degraded to provide amino acids to torn muscle fibres for repairing, remodelling and growth. Use 24 to 48 grams of protein powder in pre-workout shake and 48 to 72 grams in post-workout shake. The amino acids in protein shake are easily absorbed by the blood while it takes some time in case of chicken or red meat.

A recent study revealed that whey protein powder mixed with skim cow milk quickens the synthesis of muscle protein as compared to casein powder mixed with soy milk. Your protein intake must be followed by adequate water supply to prevent dehydration or kidney failure