Protein To Build Muscle To The Maximum

Protein To Build Muscle To The Maximum

This is a common fact that our muscles are made of protein and it is a vital element of our body cells. The large part of our body is made of protein which is further used in building and repairing of tissues, hormones, enzymes and various other chemicals produced by the body. Protein is considered as a building block not just for the muscles but for cartilage, skin, bones and blood cells.

Proper intake of protein is a must for healthy fitness regime and if you do not consume the required amount it can affect your performance & your body will not be able to rebuild and repair the over-trained muscles.

What Is Protein?

Protein is one of the micro nutrients similar to carbohydrates and fats but unlike these two components, body doesn’t store protein which means in case of shortage the body will not have any stored protein to utilize.Protein that is in excess with be expelled out of the body in form of a waste which is why is it important to have a regular intake of protein especially when looking forward for muscle gain.

How Much Protein Is Needed?

The amount of protein consumed makes a lot of difference in the body mass but how much protein needs to be consumed is still a debate. However, the most common calculation of protein requirement is based on the lean body weight while some calculate it on total body weight. Some people even advice the intake of a very high amount because anything that is not used will be thrown out anyways. Too much of protein can be harmful and has been speculated as a most common reason for kidney problems.

The Equation For Protein Intake Is:

Equation For Protein

Daily requirement= Lean mass weight* 2.75/1000
Where lean mass is your total body weight without the weight of your body fat. Where the percentage of body fat can be calculated with the equation: For men: Fat%=(1.20 x BMI) + (0.23 x Age) – 16.2 and for women, Fat% = (1.20 x BMI) + (0.23 x Age) – 5.4

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The Right Time To Take Protein

Right Time To Take Protein

Following the key rules of taking protein at the right time can work wonders. The best thing is to start your day with protein it helps prevent the breakdown of muscle tissues because the body is in a catabolic state early in the morning. Whey protein is ideal to give a boost and increase metabolism of burning fat.Take protein snacks between the meals and casein protein is a good choice. Take protein right after your workout but at a gap of 30 minutes for maximum results. You can consume it in the form of shake and do not forget a dose before bed. This helps in rebuilding your body muscles and that works extremely well during an ideal sleep of 8 hours.

Best Protein Sources

Best Protein Sources

Ideally it is recommended to take protein from healthy and natural dietary sources but the only pitfall is that the usual diet are generally high in salt and saturated fat. Make sure to avoid fried and processed meat, the best sources of protein are seafood, fish, turkey, chicken, egg, lamb, lean beef, low fat milk, dairy product, cheese, legumes, pulses, nuts, cereal and you can even get it in the form of supplements and shakes.