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Quick Guide Of Doing Step Aerobics At Home

Aerobic exercises have been considered as one of the most effective methods of treating problems of the body like obesity and the loss of fat. This exercise has many versions and the step aerobics is one of the best versions for losing fat on the lower part of the body along with targeting the hips and legs.
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Here Are Steps Of Doing Step Aerobics At Home:

1. Watch Your Step Rhythm

Basically the step form of aerobics involves weight loss tips via an elevated platform or a step one which all the exercises are performed. The person who is doing these exercises has to place his or her foot on the platform in repeated rhythms so that these exercises can be performed effectively. If you don’t maintain good balance and don’t concentrate, you can call off the step and hurt yourself.

2. Maintain Good Posture

The most basic step aerobics involves the placement of the foot on the platform and then alternately placing the other foot on the platform. Keeping the stomach in and the body in a straight posture is an essential weight loss tip. While doing this the alternate foot has to be down on the floor while the other foot is on the stepper. When you are keeping back straight and stomach sucked in, you are working on the core muscles too.

3. Add Weights

A weight loss tip here is to make this workout comprehensive by adding dumbbells to your workout and increasing repetitions. These different variations in this exercise are practiced for weight loss tip. Along with regular modes of exercises the body is challenged by using dumbbells. Making step aerobics a part of the regular workout sessions also makes aerobic training more fun. It helps to burn more calories. These dumbbell step exercises are simple and easy to perform. However, weight loss tips should be adhered to while doing them for safety reasons. Since they are more intense than normal aerobics and one can burn more calories but there is risk of injuries.
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4. Raise Toughness Level Gradually

The most basic division of these exercises would be the beginner’s level, moderate level and the advanced levels. There is no real need for proper coordination for this exercise. One can start with low impact aerobics, which stress less on joints in comparison to running. Remember that if you are using a 1/2 feet step initially then gradually raise the platform. If you go to a very high platform at one go, there’s a risk of injuring yourself.
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 The intensity levels of the stepper can also be altered as per the levels of the user. For example, the platform can be raised higher or lowered depending on the kind of workout.

5. Invest In A Good-Quality Stepper

These aerobic weight loss tips and exercises can also be done at home. The aerobic steppers for homes are available in different sizes also and one can chose the stepper as per their choice. Remember to pick something that offers a bounce back action to prevent knee injuries. You can use a regular wooden stepper or even simple plastic tool but they are much risky. Opting for a good sports brand stepper would ensure your safety.

6. Do Warm Up And Cool Down

And finally, always do warm and cool down prior to step exercises. Remember that avoiding so could lead to muscle injuries and soreness. You can do anything from knee stretching to side stretching and abs on these steppers.


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