Running To Lose Fat

Running To Lose Fat

You want to reduce your weight? Want to get rid of the excess fat, the protruding belly you are having or the flab’s that have got accumulated at the side of your body? Why not try Running? It is the most effective and readily available solution to your fattiness. If you are concerned about losing your fat, consider running for 30-35 minutes everyday.

Running To Lose Fat

The benefits will be visible to your eyes in a short span of time. You will feel fresher and more vibrant and also those extra cheesy layers will be gone for good.

Why Running To Lose Fat?

Once you decide to run to lose fat, the benefits are numerous. You start feeling good about your body, you will lose fat and you shall instantly see changes, your hip will reduce, all that fat around the belly will start burning up and the body will start becoming lighter.
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How It Works?

Our body relies on two components to provide for fuel during runs- carbs and fat. The ratio of fat to carbs gets altered with the intensity and the speed with the run is undertaken. If one considers a quick and intensity filled run, then the body will tend to use up more carbs and similarly when the body is worked through a long and slower run, the body shall tap into the accumulated fat for sourcing energy.


run slow and for longer duration


Thus one will conclude that one should run slow and for longer duration to lose fat? The answer though is not YES. When one is running to lose fat, it does not actually matter what type of fuel one uses.
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The primary idea is to lose more calories than you are consuming so that the excess calories do not get accumulated as fats in the body.

While running to lose fat a person should ideally consider running at a speed of about 80-90% of their heart-beat. The speed should be such that neither you are pushing too hard nor will you be able to continue a regular conversation while running at that speed.

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Safety Measures To Be Kept In Mind

When one considers running to lose fat, few important aspects are to be kept in mind to help the body endure such exhausting runs. As the body burns up calories faster during high intensity runs, it is also equally important not to expose the body to overuse injuries. It is always advisable to take some easy runs and alternate it with high intensity fast runs.
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Thus, helping the body recover from the rigorous discipline it is subject too. Also the body should be provided with adequate rest.

Tips For More Effective Result

• To keep yourself interested in running and keeping up with the regime regularly, try varying the intensity of runs.
• Try choosing a greener environment while running to feel good.
• Plug in your ear phones playing the song you like to help yourself stick to your routine.
• Pick a good pair of running shoes to maximize your comfort.

Try out running to lose fat and keep yourself in great shape. Enjoy great health and vitality.