Step By Step Guide TO Do Extended Triangle Pose

Step By Step Guide TO Do Extended Triangle Pose

The extended triangle pose or the uttita trikonasana is one of the best yoga postures that you can do to improve speed and endurance along with balancing. It is also one of the finest stretch poses possible that makes use of the entire body.

It works on the thighs, inner thighs and hamstring along with the waist. It is also known for helping you calm your mind.

Here Is A Step By Step Guide-

Step One – Spread Legs

For the first step of the extended triangle, you have to stand straight with feet as wide apart as possible. Then you have to turn the right foot to 90 degree angle and the left foot should be turned towards a 45 degree angle, facing towards the right side.

Spread Legs

Step Two – Make Posture Right

Make sure that the weight is distributed evenly on the four corners of your feet. The arches should be lifted and the ankles should be facing up.

The legs should be straight and you should make sure that the knee caps are lifted and the thigh is rolled out in a way so that the right knee stays in line with the 2 first toes.

Give pressure on the back of left thigh.

Make Posture Right

Step Three – Extend Body

Lengthen through the sides of the waist and inhale as you lift the right arm parallel to the floor and raise the leg up in the air. Your finger tips should be facing towards the ceiling. Then using your left hand, reach out to your left leg and bend as much as you can.

Extend Body

Step Four – Hold The Stretch

Move the hip slightly backwards and let the weight shift properly as you gain balance. Hold the left ankle using your left hand as the right hand is extended. Keep your stomach sucked in, and look towards the extended right hand and hold for at least 30-40 seconds.

Hold The Stretch

Step Five – Repeat

Now get back to the straight position and repeat this same posture with the left side. When doing so, your right hand will touch the right leg and your left arm will remain extended towards the ceiling. Leg movement should be left foot facing right angle and right foot facing a 45 degree angle.