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5 Step To Perform Lunges Correctly

Lunges are one of the best exercises that you can do for your thighs and butts. Basically the lunge is presumed to be an easy looking exercise, but in fact it is not. If not done correctly, lunges can cause muscle tear along with tissue related problems. It can also cause knee problems in the long run along with risk of misbalance. Also, do warm up a bit before commencing the sets. So here is a step by step guide to perform lunges correctly.

5 Step To Perform Lunges Correctly:

Step One- Stand Straight

The first step is to ensure that you are in the right position from step one. Make sure that your feet are together and your spine is straight. Hands should be on the side, even if you are doing the lunge with dumbbells.

Step Two- Put One Leg Forward

Now taking a deep breath but one leg in front of you, it can be either left or right leg. If you are putting right leg forward then gently push the left leg back and vice versa. Make sure that the spine is correct and hands still on the sides.

Step Three- Bend Leg

Now you have to gently bend the forward leg. So if it is the right leg, then gently bend it, making sure that the knees don’t cross over your toes. Else, this could cause knee damage. Bend your back leg too, but make sure that the knee is not touching the floor. Raise your hands up if you want (for added strain) or keep them on the sides. Keep spine straight.

Step Four- Get Back To Standing Position

For repeating this posture with the other leg, you have to come back to step one. So bring forth your forward leg towards the back leg. Arms should be on the side and make sure that your back is straight.

Step Five- Repeat With Other Leg

You have to repeat the same process now with the other leg. So if you chose to put your right leg forward, not you have to put your left leg forward and repeat the entire set. Remember that you can either alternate legs or do one set of 10 repetitions with each leg and then change.


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