Strength Training Program For Improve Athletic Ability


Strength Training Program For Improve Athletic AbilityFor a step by step improvement of your body you need solutions that can work wonders for your body and offer you strong muscles. However, before starting any strength program you need to be aware of what a strength program can do to you. It is amongst the best ways to lose fat, build strength and muscles. It is the main form exercise for athletes, power lifting and people engaged in sports like wrestling, gymnastic, football etc.For men, strength training can help in building defined muscles, improved athletic performance, burning fat with improved metabolism.
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It also helps produce testosterone. For women, you can see results in the form of toned body that is visible on thighs, arms, stomach and butt. It helps you stay lean by making you more energetic and strong rather than making you bulky and big.

What Is Basically Strength Training Workouts? 

Strength training means making use of natural movements to work on the large muscle group of the body. It generally includes deadlifts, bench press, squats etc. which not only improves the over all physique but also offers you elevated athletic ability and increased strength. Be aware of the weightlifting programs that just focus on the development of the body and not in building strength, just programs are only good in the gym and does no good in the real world.

Guy who regularly workout in the gym and believe strongly in the traditional workout for magazine like lower weight and high rep see results quite easily.
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They can feel a change in their body and believe it’s working, this makes them show off by helping a lady with her car truck in the snow. But this is when they realize that ten reps of muscle workout is utterly useless. Going six days to the gym with no muscle strength is something to think about, this is when you get a reality check. But you can fix it in time by following the simple rules of strength training:

Rule For Strength Training Program


For strength training you do not need to have entire knowledge about the exercise that exist till date , all you need to follow is 5 basic exercises that are pull ups, squats, shoulder press, bench press and deadlifts.


Stick to these five lifts and you are sure to do, rather much better than that. Try keeping things simple and here the word is simple which really doesn’t mean easy.

Decreased Reps Increased Weights

This is good for building strength, more the weight more the strength, something around 5 to 3 reps can solve the purpose rather than picking light weight that doesn’t even tire your muscles. Any weight that you can lift more than five times means the weight is not enough for you. For strength training the weight should be enough to make you grind your teeth.


Take rest for at least 2 minutes in between the weight training, taking it to five minutes is not a bad idea either but try keeping it between 2-4 minutes.


During the progress period when you increase weights and workout progresses, you can increase the rest internal for avoid fatigue from creeping in. Else you can keep it for 2 minutes after the first and second step to around 4 minutes towards the fourth and fifth set. To be very particular you can make use of a stop watch.


It is important to find the max of one-rep of all the five exercises and keep it on a check for the coming weeks. Checking the max periodically helps you improve and you can find if what you are doing is effective enough for you or you need to make changes with the weights or the posture.

The Actual Strength Training Workout

One has to careful about lifting weights and remain focused else you can end up hurting yourself. The technique of weight lifting has to be very safe and clean, try lifting the maximum u can but keeping the safety measures in mind. You need to keep your exercise simple but not easy. Though it’s a novice workout but never keep it easy with light weight, if you are looking for a real training session, start loving your body and dream of the results that you always wanted to achieve. Once you start looking visible change, you will be hooked.

Workout Week 1


Warm up with a jogging, jumping jack, jumping rope or a rower machine for not more than 3-5 minutes. Follow with 2 sets of squat 5 times first only with the barbell and then by adding some weight to it.


Then do 5 sets with 5 reps making the exercise difficult with extra weight. Then follow the same routine for shoulder press and take rest for 2 minutes between the sets.


Begin with warm up as on Monday, then warmup set of 2 with 5 repetition of Deadlift. Then 5 sets 5 reps with difficult weight.
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Follow with 5 sets 5 reps of chin ups/pull ups .


Warmup, followed by 2 sets 5 reps of squats with light weight and then make it difficult with weight for next 5 sets 5 reps. Do the same with bench press but do not forget to relax for 2 minutes.

bench press

This is the workout for for week one and in the second week the exercise remains the same with the only difference that the Wednesday exercise will be done twice.

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Workout Week 2

The pattern of the exercise remains the same, to begin with 3-5 minutes of workout and only for Monday, Wednesday and Friday but the exercises are interchanged.


shoulder press

Warmup, 2 set 5 reps deadlift with only barbell and 5 sets 5 reps with difficult weights. Next is shoulder press 2 sets 5 reps with light weight and then 5 sets 5 reps with difficult weights.


Warmup, and the day is for Squats and Chin ups/pull ups. Squats would be 2 sets for warm up and 5 sets 5 reps for difficult weight. But chin ups 5 sets 5 reps, in case you feel you can so more than five sets then add weights.



Warmup, 2 sets 5 reps of deadlift with light weights. Bench press has to be 2 sets 5 reps with light weight and 5 sets 5 reps with difficult weight.

This should be the routine for minimum 12 weeks, increase the difficulty level by adding weight and do not rest for more than 2-4 minutes.