3 Stretch Before And After Exercise To Avoid Muscle Injury

Exercise To Avoid Muscle Injury

In our fast paced lives, where there is so little time to exercise, who the hell wants to spend time on the useless stretches. Don’t you think the same when your gym instructor is yelling out instructions on stretching before and after the exercises you do? Not just you, it is the tendency of most of us to miss out on stretches in our exercise regimen, little realizing the havoc they can wreck upon our bodies.

There have been several instances where absolutely harmless exercise forms have caused people severe problems related to spondylosis or even slipped disk, since the muscle groups involved were not warmed up before exercising or cooled down later on by way of stretching.

Streching Exercise To Avoid Muscle Injury

Warm Up Allows Fluid Muscle Movement

Warm Up Allows Fluid Muscle Movement

So what makes stretching so important? Basically, it prepares yours muscles for the torments of your rigorous exercise regimen. It is but natural that when you subject your body, previously so used to sedentary ways, to a new fitness regime muscles will become sore causing tremendous discomfort.

If muscle soreness is acute, it might even cause fever, which could prevent you from working out for the next few days, posing a speed breaker on your fitness highway.

Stretching for warming up for a few minutes before starting to exercise actually reduces this muscle soreness by releasing a lubricating material from cartilages. This substance facilitates muscle movement during exercises and also avoids bones from scraping during muscle movement. Fluid muscles thus minimize the chance of an injury during fitness training.

Moreover, flexible muscles allow even distribution of strength between them, enabling you to work out more effectively.
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Cool Down To Relax Muscles Post Workout

Relax Muscles Post Workout

Similarly, you must cool down your muscles with proper stretches after you are done with your exercises. Excessive physical workout would have heated up your joints and stiffened them.

If you don’t relax them with proper stretching, muscle soreness can cause tremendous discomfort and even sprains.

However, keep in mind, stretching has to be done very slowly, without jerking your body two and fro.
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Always stretch your neck, back, shoulders, thighs, hips and calves before and after work out for thirty seconds each. Also, stretch your lower back if you have done heavy weight training.

Enables Better Mid-Body Coordaination

Enables Better Mid-Body Coordaination

Stretching also increases blood circulation throughout your body, which prompts neurons transmit important messages to your brain faster. For instance, you feel muscle tightening while working out because your muscles have transmitted this message to your brain, which has then relayed it to a different part in the brain that has enabled you to physically respond to it.

So, your mind in fact helped you to understand whether the particular exercise form has worked for you or not.
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Just image, if you kept on repeating exercise sets without feeling their impact on your muscles, what use they will be off. In short, stretching enables better coordination between your mind and body, enhancing the physical benefits for you. Happy work out!