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5 Exercises To Stretch And Build Flexibility Of Gracilis Muscles For Women

Gracilis is an important set of muscles of the upper inner thigh region. This is a vital muscle of the hip adductor group and just as in case of all other muscles, this too need regular toning and working out. Women need to specifically consider this group of muscles to build flexibility and tone the […]

5 Effective Exercises To Strengthen Your Shoulders

Shoulders are one of the most important muscle groups of the upper body. They are the bulkiest in whole arm length and play an important role in day to day activities. There are various exercises to work for shoulder strength, right from the basic body weight exercises like push-ups to the more advanced ones. There […]

6 Effective Foam Roller Exercises To Improve Your Flexibility

If you are going to Gym for regular workout, you may see people rolling on top of foam cylinders and doing some workouts. It is nothing but foam roller exercise. A form of self myofascial releasing is called foam rolling. There is important glue on your body which connects your muscles together and connects the […]