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5 Exercises For Weak Glute Muscles And Improve Hip Muscle Flexibility

If glute muscles are weak, our hip flexibility might be affected. Glute muscles are specifically important in the case of athletes, which help in improving their hip strength, muscle strength and builds hip flexibility. If the glute muscles are weak, especially in case of athletes, the entire kinetic chain is disrupted. Athletes might face different […]

5 Beginners Exercises To Tone And Improve Upper Thigh Flexibility

Thighs are one of the most problematic areas of the body and especially in case of women. Several people join training sessions mainly because they are not happy with their thighs. Upper thigh tends to get flabby and accumulates the most fat. This area is also the most difficult to get the fat rid off. […]

5 No-Equipment Powerful Exercises For A Strong Upper Body

You do not like to train with equipment? Well, you can still workout and achieve a strong upper body and that too, without the use of any gym equipment. Thus, you can still continue with your training sessions when you are not visiting the gym or when you are on a holiday. These exercises can […]

5 Core Conditioning Exercises For Flexibility And Stability

Do you need to do core conditioning workouts? These are much more than crunches which are done mainly for those six pack abs. Crunches are known to train just a single muscle of your core – what about conditioning the other different muscles which are an integral part of your core? These include the important […]

5 Exercises To Strengthen Abdominal Wall Muscles For Bodybuilders

Strengthening abdominal wall muscles is extremely important as it helps in improving circulation and building power. If you are a sportsperson and looking for fitness and health, you need to strengthen the inner abdominal muscles. These also help in building overall stability and flexibility. When the abdominal wall muscles are strengthened, it implies you have […]

5 Exercises For Lower Trapezius Strengthening And Endurance

Strengthening the lower trapezius muscles is quite important as these muscles are responsible for flexibility, improved performance and strength of the muscles. Many bodybuilders often neglect working out these specific muscles, which can lead to increased chances of injuries during workout. Exercises which strengthen the lower trapezius muscles help in muscle growth, strength and offer […]

5 Exercises For Building Strong And Powerful Anterior Deltoids

The anterior deltoid muscles are important muscles of the body which help in developing a balanced physique, help in building strength and offer great flexibility to the body. These muscles are involved in different functional movements of the body, which play a crucial role in improving the athletic performance of an individual. Exercises for superior […]

5 Back Row Exercises To Strengthen Muscles For Bodybuilders

How does one build the best back muscles? Bodybuilder’s spend a lot of time and energy on building back muscles. Strengthening back muscles is not only important for building stability, balance and flexibility of the body, but it is also a good way to keep your circulation healthy. There are a variety of exercises, often […]

5 Hip Dominant Exercises For Strengthening Leg Muscles And Core

Hip dominant exercises special focus on developing strong quadricep and hamstring muscles. If you are a runner or involved in specific sporting activities which involve quick movement or flexibility, this workout is especially suitable for the purpose. Hip dominant exercises help in reducing the risk of injuries, do not cause undue pressure during workouts and […]

5 Exercises That Helps In Building Your Bone

5 exercises that helps in building your bone strong and perfectly health bones are very important to lead a healthy and fit life! Bones are a very important part of our body which plays numerous functions and a vital role in shaping and carrying the body! Bone health maintenance would require you to consume the […]

5 Exercises For Slim Shoulders And Strong Back Muscles For Women

Women’s workout is a little different from the schedule of men. Some of the prime areas, which should never be ignored are slimming of shoulders and strong back muscles. Slim shoulders mean better flexibility and strong back muscles help in staying fit and healthy. If back muscles are not well developed or toned, it can […]

6 Unilateral Exercises For Muscle Building, Stability And Balance

Unilateral exercises help in working out the deep muscles of the body, help in keeping the muscles engaged and work on building stability and balance. These exercises are highly recommended for athletes and weight lifters who need to focus on strengthening their core muscles. It is important to develop some crucial core muscles with such […]

5 Bodyweight Cardio Exercises For Women’s Fitness And Agility

Cardio exercises are popular among men and women alike. Bodyweight cardio exercises for women’s fitness and agility are specific exercises, which are known to help in burning fat and gaining muscle strength. These exercises help in increasing your heart rate, works out all the important muscles, helps in fat loss and builds flexibility and agility. […]

Top 5 Calf Exercises Without Weight For Strength And Fitness

Calves are mainly about two muscles which need to be worked upon regularly so that they are well built, flexible and toned too. Irony is that these muscles are the most difficult to strengthen or build, which is why weights are primarily used. However, everyone might not be comfortable with weights or weights might not […]

5 No-Equipment Back Exercises For Improved Strength And Power

No equipment back workouts are quite popular these days, who are tired visiting the gym. These exercises can be done from home or even when you are holidaying and have no access to equipment. These exercises are often said to be suitable for beginners, who find it difficult using gum equipment. In case your gym […]

5 Exercises For Building Strength Of Trapezius Muscles For Bodybuilders

Did you ever notice the slightly muscled and curved neck of bodybuilders? How do they build such muscles? The reason is because, they workout their trapezius muscles, which are located just below the skull and are across the shoulders. They move down to the spine region in a V shape. It is very important to […]

6 Exercises To Strengthen The Stabilizer Muscles In Shoulders

The stabilizer muscles in the shoulder girdle are of utmost importance because they determine the strength and power of your arms. If these muscles turn weak, they will increase the risk of injuries and strains. Include specific exercises to strengthen these stabilizer muscles which will help in building flexibility, will keep your shoulder and back […]

5 Rhomboids Strengthening And Flexibility Exercises For Bodybuilders

Rhomboids are an important layer of the back muscles which are important for shoulder strength and flexibility. Bodybuilders who are looking forward to strong shoulders for lifting purpose or to reduce the risks of injuries should necessarily include these exercises in their regular training session. If these muscles are strengthened and flexible, there are reduced […]

5 Exercises For Latissimus Dorsi Strength And Power

  Latissimus dorsi are a big group of muscles and are flat in structure. These are broad muscles which should be strong and powerful for great sports performance and are equally important for bodybuilders too. These muscles have several functions, which include quick movement, building flexibility and agility and offering support to the core. Exercises […]

6 Beginners Pilates Exercises For Strength And Fitness

Pilates exercises have gained immense popularity since the early 20th century. These are the best exercises, especially for beginners who are looking forward to fitness and great strength. Pilates movements help in building solid core muscles, help in building overall fitness and offer great strength. Pilates offer several benefits as they help in working out […]

6 Exercises For External Abdominal Oblique Muscles Strength

As we bend our body to a side or as we rotate our upper body, we are actually working on our external abdominal obliques. Extending along the sides of our torso and in the abdominal region, these muscles play an important role in building our core strength, balance, and flexibility. As we strengthen these muscles, […]

5 Forearm Power Exercises For Strength, Endurance And Stamina

Forearms muscles shouldn’t be neglected during your daily exercise routine. Forearm muscles help in building power, strength and flexibility. As you exercise your forearm muscles, you are able to build the essential stamina and strength needed for optimal sports performance. These strength exercises are easy and help in reducing the risks of injury and pain. […]

7 Beginners Aerobic Exercises For Female Bodybuilders For Endurance

Women who are trying to build muscles, should at first work towards losing fat or excess body weight. Aerobic exercises are the most effective and easiest way to lose excessive fat and are especially important for building high endurance levels. Beginner’s aerobic exercises for women help in targeting specific areas of the body where women […]

6 Exercises For Lower Back Glutes Muscles Strength

Lower back glutes are one of the most powerful muscle groups which need to be toned for strength and good health. They are responsible for powering your movement. These muscles help in stabilizing the lower back and pelvis muscles. Athletes and muscle builders should regular workout these muscles for strengthening them and for reducing pain […]

6 Mobility Training Workouts For Improved Sports Performance

Excellent sports performance requires hours of training and lots of perseverance. Trainers need to include a wide number of exercises in their daily routine. These exercises include a mix of strength training, muscle building, fitness training, endurance building and the most important mobility training. Mobility training exercises refers to all those movements which ensure speedy […]

6 Exercises To Strengthen Wing Muscles

Ask any bodybuilder about the importance of a V-shaped back. You will be amazed to know that every fitness freak looks forward to work out the wing muscles. This is the way to build and strengthen the important wing muscles, which add power and strength to your body movements.These are the broadest muscles of our […]

7 Exercises For Knee Muscles Strength And Stability For Performance Improvement

Weightlifters and bodybuilders need to focus on their knee stability and muscle strength to ensure optimum performance. These exercises help in improved functioning of knee muscles, help in reducing the chances of injuries and improves performance. Knee muscles strength enhancement helps in optimum sports performance. Weak muscles can later lead to knee problems and conditions […]

6 Exercises To Build Dense Muscles Steadily

Building strong and dense muscles is the dream of every bodybuilder and fitness freak. Dense muscles can be built with consistent workout and the right nutrition. It is important to work hard and do the right workouts, correctly and regularly to build dense muscles. Dense muscle building requires plenty of hard work, consistency, and regularity. […]

5 Exercises For Collar Muscles For Improved Sports

Strong shoulder, neck and collar muscls are extremely important for all sports activities, as these muscle determine strength and endurance of the sportsman. These muscles are most in use during throwing, pushing and contact based games. Athletes should ideally focus on strengthening their collar muscles for better endurance and strength. If you have strong collar […]

5 Exercises For Tight Muscles Under Armpit For Flexibility

We always lay stress on the muscles of arms, chest and legs while ignoring some areas which are most appealing. Muscles under the armpit are of prime importance since they affect the way we look. These muscles need a regular workout to reduce pressure on arms and build flexibility, in case of body building. No […]