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Exercises To Reduce Stiff Arm Muscles and Improve Flexibility

Stiff arms means lack of muscle flexibility and poor circulation. If you are a sportsperson, stiff arms can lead to poor arm strength, unhealthy muscles and poor flexibility. This is one of the leading causes of injuries and pain due to prolong hours of working. If you are keen in having a fit and healthy […]

6 Exercises To Stretch Bicep Muscles And Improve Flexibility

You might be feeling a bit stiffness in your upper arms or you just might feel like adding a bit of flexibility to your biceps, exercises to stretch bicep muscles are always helpful. These stretches help in toning and also strengthening your muscles. They improve blood circulation, help in reducing tightness and stiffness of the […]

6 Effective Foam Roller Exercises To Improve Your Flexibility

If you are going to Gym for regular workout, you may see people rolling on top of foam cylinders and doing some workouts. It is nothing but foam roller exercise. A form of self myofascial releasing is called foam rolling. There is important glue on your body which connects your muscles together and connects the […]