5 Teen Bodybuilding Workout Plan

Teen Bodybuilding Workout Plan

It is not only the athletes who are concerned about building the muscles, but the teenagers are also showing some interest. Body image has nowadays become a crucial factor and it is not only how the teenagers perform academically and socially, but it also determines the future fitness and health conditions as adults.

Everything has its own sets of positives and negatives and the fitness programs are no exceptions. When it comes to teenage bodybuilding, the fitness routine has a right as well as a wrong way. Here are few guidelines related to bodybuilding workouts that are definitely going to the help the teenagers to schedule their exercise routine.

Teen Bodybuilding Workout Plan

1. Exercise Types

Exercise Types

Before you join a gym, it is necessary to know the types of exercises and their effects. The resistance training is essential for mass building while the cardiovascular exercises are for burning fats and other fitness benefits.
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However, the cardiovascular exercises are not the ideal bodybuilding training that you are searching for, but they are the necessary items that you must include in your fitness routine. As a teenager you must aim at performing the compound exercises like squats, deadlifts and bench press and target larger muscle groups.

2. Level of Resistance

Level of Resistance

Every effective muscle building workout involves heavy weights and low repetitions. However, the bones of the teenagers are in a developing stage and are vulnerable to sudden damage. Working out with heavy weights may even hinder growth in teens.
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Hence, they should aim for moderate resistance and moderate repetitions. 3 to 4 sets of 6 to 8 repetitions each are enough to stimulate the target muscles.
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3. Rest

According to Stuart Mc Roberts, adequate rest is the key to successful training. When you perform the resistance training, you ignorantly injure or damage the muscle fibres and muscle growth is nothing but healing of such damages. Two days a week or weekend training can be extremely beneficial to the teenagers.

But, if you are planning to add some more days to your routine then you must make sure that there is at least 48 hours of rest in between particular muscle group workouts. It is highly recommended to maintain maximum 4 days training per week, with each day focusing on a specific muscle group and alternating between two separate exercises.
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4. Rotation

Rotation of workout programs among various exercise routines not only brings some effective changes in your routine, but also hikes up your energy level by breaking the monotony.

Always try to continue with a given routine for 12 weeks only. On the 13th week break from the course and take 1 week off from training.
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From the next week, rotate into another 12-week routine.


5. Nutrition

All the teenagers must concentrate on proper nutrition when it comes to growth, development and bodybuilding. Apart from carbohydrates, you should also consume more proteins and healthy fats. Your diet must include more vegetables and fruits than snacks and fast foods. You need to focus on your weight gain before you delve into muscle building workouts and this means more calorie intake.