The Only 6 Exercises You Need With Sample Routines

Exercises You Need With Sample Routines

The biggest myth in the exercise world is that you need to do a tone of exercises. But that is really not true. In fact, there are a few basic exercises that are enough to keep you going. Sure with time, you can alter your routine and make some changes as needed, but these are body transforming exercises that give you amazing results. They work on isolated muscles and provide a complete workout. Sure there is yoga and other forms like Pilates that provide similar results.

Here Are 6 Amazing Exercises That Take Care Of Your Workout

Walking Or Running For Complete Cardio

When it comes to taking care of you cardio needs, you just need to make sure that you are doing either running or walking at least 4 times a week. It may sound crazy but that really takes care of all your cardio needs. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune here but just get a good pair of shoes.

Running Routine

Sample Routine

Along with this, you can always alternate and motivate the workout. So if you are walking 2 days, run on 2 other days. Alternatively, you can run for 2 minutes and walk for 5 minutes. This can be changed as per your speed and endurance. And there you are, sorted for your cardio needs.

Push Ups Or Bench Press For Push

Now you need an exercise that gives you the complete benefit of the push for getting strength not only on the shoulders and the back, but also the rest of your body. In this reference, the bench press is just ideal. Here you can do the bench press by lying face up. You can use a bar bell or dumbbells here to suit your convenience. Keep hands shoulder width apart, and elbows should be bent. Now extend the arms right above the chest and then hold.

Now gently bring them back.

Raised Push Ups

Sample Routine

You can do this workout 3 days a week. Just make sure you start with low weights and then move up the ladder. Do at least 2 sets of 10 each. You can switch this and mix this with pulls or change set reps here. Like do 1 set of 5, then one of 4 and then one of 3, etc.

Pull Ups

You need to do some sort of pull up exercise and make sure that it is incorporated in your routine. The simplest here would be hanging from the bars, with the palms facing away. Keep arms straight and bend your knees. Now pull yourself up and bring the chest towards the bar. You can do variations here like palm facing inwards or even keeping legs straight or bent behind the butts.

 Towel Grip Pull Up

Sample Routine

Start off by doing 5 reps in one set and do at least 3 sets. Then you can keep increasing your set numbers along with reps. Include some pulse pull ups here that are don really fast. Just make sure that you don’t over do it.

Deadlift For Hips

Now deadlifts are something that really works on a lot of muscles in the body. But most importantly, it targets the upper body along with the hips, which is a problem area for a lot of women. Now for doing this work out, you have to use either dumbbells or even a bar. Now keep legs shoulder width apart and gently raise the bar or dumbbells as you bend down. Go as low as possible, while making sure that the knees don’t cross the feet. Stand up and repeat.

Deadlift For Hips

Sample Routine

You can do many variations here like not going very low and then raising the bar or going low and high alternatively. You should try to do at least 3 sets of 15 each. Keep increasing sets with time to make sure that you work that lower body.

Split Squats

This one is the ultimate thing for your lower body and also the legs. You can do this using dumbbells, without any equipment and on your own too. For doing squats, you can again hold dumbbells or stand with legs as far apart as you can. Then go really low, you should remember that knees don’t cross toes. Now keep elbows behind head and bend to right and the left. This works on the waist along with lower body. You can also raise the toes of each leg while doing so for intensifying the workout.

Single Leg Split Squats

Sample Routine

Do at least 20-30 reps in each set and repeat 2 sets. Do variations as mentioned above for more results.


Forget all other workouts for the abs, planks are your ultimate solution here. For doing planks, lie on the floor with palms on the floor and stomach resting on floor, legs straight. Now raise your upper and lower body together, while keeping toes on feet. Hold for 30 seconds. You can also rest weight on elbows here.

Try alternatives like keeping hands straight or moving upper body slightly forward or walking the hands.

Ball Planks

Sample Routine

Do at least 4 sets for best results and keep increasing.