Top 11 Nutrition For Bodybuilders

Nutrition For Bodybuilders

If you are into intense bodybuilding and want super fast results, what you take in the form of food will affect your muscle growth and overall progress. There are several aspects of nutrition that bodybuilders must incorporate in their nutrition programme.


Your diet is the single most important factor that can influence your results. It has a greater impact than the number of exercises or the intensity with which you do your workouts.

Here are some of the most important foods and nutrients that you should incorporate in your bodybuilding diet plan. These will help you to build muscle.

Top Nutrition For Bodybuilders

1. Egg Whites

There is a reason why bodybuilders all over the world consume egg whites. It has the greatest ratio of protein to fat at 60:1, which makes it a powerhouse of muscle building food. Egg whites have potent proteins, which are synthesized by the body really fast.

This makes egg whites one of the most nutritious snacks to eat after you workout. Eggs are also rich in a host of vitamins and minerals like folate, which are essentially very good for the health.

 Egg Whites

2. Chicken

This is another vital and important source of protein. The good news about chicken is that a lean portion of chicken like chicken breasts has very low levels of trans fats.

Chicken is also very tasty, can be made in a wide variety of ways and there are very few people who do not enjoy eating chicken. Chicken can also be included in almost every meal, which means you can control your portions at every meal.


3. Fish

Like chicken and eggs, fish is one of the best sources of first grade animal protein and omega-3 fatty acids that lower body cholesterol and help you to shed body fat. Fish is not always low in dietary fat, but it has high nutrient density, which makes it a favourable food despite its fat content.

The fats found in fish are essential fats, which are vital in the muscle building and growing process. Salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines are some of the different varieties of fish that you should be consuming if you are a serious body builder.


4. Beans And Legumes

Beans and legumes are a good choice for vegetarians as they have large quantities of animal proteins. Kidney beans especially are very fibrous providing you that all essential protein punch and satiety value as compared to an ordinary legume.

Fibre found in legumes helps to maintain your blood sugar levels, which mean you, will not be getting hungry any sooner. They also aid in digestion and prevent constipation.

Beans and Legumes

5. Red Meat

While red meat has been discarded by many due to its high fat content, it can still be consumed in moderate quantities in conjunction with the other food groups described above. Choose lean portion of red meat like skinless beef or beef that has the fat trimming removed.

The good news about red meat is that it is a high source of some other nutrients like zinc, protein, iron and B vitamins. They need not be consumed on a daily basis however as they are high sources of fat. You can consume them once or twice a week for best results.

Red Meat

6. Complex Carbs

It is also very important to take in 2-3 servings of complex carbs. These carbs are the slow burning carbs like oats, jowar, bajra, ragi and other multi grains.

You can also eat multi-grain bread, which is infinitely more nutritious than other breads. Carbs are needed by the body to replenish energy. They should be ideally combined with 1-2 different portions of proteins foods as a post workout meal. This will aid in muscle recovery, repair, and help you to become stronger after your workout.

Complex Carbs

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7. Water

This is one of the most undermined arsenal in the arena of body building. It however is extremely important. Water is needed not only for rehydration during an intense weight training session but it is also important to remember that all living cells whether blood, tissues and muscles contain water.

Staying hydrated reduces water retention and keeps those muscles pumped up.

Most body builders recommend at least 10 litres of water.


8. Whey Protein

If you look primarily at your diet, this important source of protein is found in dairy products like curd and cottage cheese. These help muscles to grow and recover after an intense weight training session.

Whey Protein

9. Eat Small Meals

In order to get maximum from your workouts and stay energized throughout the day, it is important to eat small meals throughout the day. Your meals should be wholesome and should contain a healthy combination of fats, protein and carbs. You can also include plenty of fruits in your dietary repertoire as they are loaded in anti-oxidants and are also rich in vitamins and minerals.

Eat small Meals

10. Stay Away From All Forms Of Junk Food

Junk food, even in moderate quantities can seriously jeopardize your weight loss goals, especially if you are a serious body builder. They can also come in the way of serious muscle gain. Besides junk food like refined carbs, sweets and greasy food have no nutritive value whatsoever.

You cannot hope to make progress even if you incorporate a couple of cheat meals in your entire week. Stay true to your fitness goals and make sure that your diet is clean and devoid of sugar, refined flour, saturated fats and other oils. Stick to healthy oils like olive oil, which have great nutritive value.

Stay away from all Forms of Junk Food

11. Consult A Dietician

It is very important for all professional body builders to consult a dietician. A dietician along with a fitness trainer can help you to reach your fitness goals fast by making you adopt a healthy eating plan that is suitable and tailor made for your physique. Not all calories are created equal, so they will work together to create a variety of different meals which will give your muscles a boost.

With these tips, you can create the correct nutritional programme for yourself and immensely benefit from it. You will see spectacular results in the end and also feel fit.


Consult A Dietician