4 Tips For Weight Training Workout

4 Tips For Weight Training Workout

Getting fit is not an easy job for any one, as it requires several things, but the most important part of your efforts is to have a perfect weight training workout plan for yourself. The workout program should be well strategized, so that you can make most out of it. Generally, people think that for getting fit and for looking in shape they just have to join the gym and follow the instruction of physical trainer.

Does Joining Gym Really Work?

Well, if you are going to gym or you have joined it earlier, then you must know, it is not like that. Actually, the problem starts, when we joined the gym. First few days, we got heavy pain, after that we became used to doing workouts; and then followed it in routine. But the problem is after a few days, we reached the saturation level, where our fitness and muscles does not improve at the rate at which we want it to be. It is the story of every person, who joins gym for working out. Well, you must be wondering what the reason behind it is?

Why Does The Gym Workout Plan Fail?

The reason lies in your beginning of weight training workout plan. It’s all about how you strategize your workout and with it your diet. Here we are looking for those factors that will let you figure out your problems for a weight training program and getting started with it for your health and fitness goal.

Perfect Weight Training Workout Plan

Proper Diet And Hydration

Proper Diet

First of all you must be aware about your diet and hydration. You must have 10 to 12 glasses of water per day plus a glass or two of fresh fruit juice.

Your meal should be balanced and must have all the essential elements required by our body and muscles. Your diet must contain appropriate amount of carbohydrate, proteins, several vitamins and other mineral. Be hygienic. Carry your personal towel and other gears for workout and maintain its hygiene.

Weight Lifting Facts

Don’t go for lifting weights straightaway in the gym. Firstly, you should warm yourself up and stretch your muscles. Cardio for 5 to 10 minutes with some pushups and pull-ups would be a great option for warm up.

Weight Lifting Facts

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Real Aspects Of Rest

Give your body proper rest, but not more than required. If you do intense workout, then take off for a day between two workout days. Moreover, you should rest for 30 to 60 second between two exercises. Be regular on workout and follow the strategized routine that you should prepare with a professional trainer.

4 hours workout per week is more than sufficient, got cross limit as a newbie.Don’t go for lifting too much weight straight away, as your strength and stamina will increase gradually. This is very important for your safety.


Balanced Approach In Movement

Pay attention while your movements in weight training exercises, as you gain a lot with balanced and slow movements, rather than rapid movements.

In weight training workouts, we target on the muscles of legs (squats and calves), shoulders, chest, and arms (biceps- triceps). So you should include exercises like different leg curls, leg press & extension, wide grip pull-ups and pull-downs, bench press and chest fly, different curls and rope attachment pushdowns for biceps and triceps.

leg press