5 Tips For Women On Building Enviable Leg Muscles

Tips For Women On Building Enviable Leg Muscles

Being a woman and while working out if your primary attention happens to be the leg muscles and you desire to grow them bigger and stronger, let us tell you, it is quite a challenging task.

You are supposed to be concentrative about your workout and diet program so that your ultimate aim is fulfilled.But, this is also undeniable that if you have the patience, determination and motivation towards your task, you will definitely achieve rewarding results.

How To Build Leg Muscle For Women

1. Diet


The diet plan that aims at building stronger and bigger leg muscles must comprise of loads of calories to help your body generate enough energy to endure the dedicated work out session. Ample of protein rich foods are also mandatory as the process also demands repair, reconstruction and growth of muscles.

The simplest way to assume the calorific intake that will be right for you for this project is to multiply your present body weight with forty five kilograms if you are a woman. In case of a man, it should be multiplied by fifty kilograms. Now, the result you get will be the minimum calorific intake your body needs.

Add about three hundred and fifty to seven hundred kilograms further to it to get your optimal calorific intake.  In case of protein, multiply your body weight with approximately two grams. The result you get is your recommended intake of protein. Ensure that you have enough intake of water too in order to keep your system hydrated.

2. Exercise Pattern

Be selective about the exercise pattern that you choose for building bigger leg muscles. Note down the points we have mentioned here for best results.

Exercise Pattern

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3. Hip Dominant Exercises

Choose exercises that concentrate more on the hip area . Exercises that tend to bend the hip area more exert pressure on the posterior chain, such as the hamstrings, cuffs and lower back.

There are a range of hip dominant exercises that you can choose from according to your preference. The most common ones known to build bigger hamstrings are dead lift, Romanian dead lift, cable pull, hyper-extension and reverse hyper-extension.

Hip Dominant Exercises

4. Concentrate on Quality of Legs

When you plan to select leg exercises that grow bigger leg muscles, your primary inclination should be towards the ones that build better legs rather than strengthening them aesthetically. Leg curl is one of the best exercises you can opt for. You can select either machine leg curls or manual leg curls, since your purpose will remain unaltered.

The principle that you must follow while doing leg curls is that your movement must be slow. You must count the timing of each and every repetition so that the momentum of the workout remains constant.

Concentrate on Quality of Legs

5. Dedicated Weight Training

There are women, who have an affinity to go for weight training in order to build muscles. There are a few exercises for building better leg muscles as well. One of the popular ones that show sure shot results is to pull weight behind your back.  It is generally performed with sledge in the gyms and you have to follow the same thing too. Your body must stay straight and firm as you do this exercise. The result of this exercise is burning out of the core muscles and enhancement of leg muscles.

Dedicated Weight Training