Gym injuries might appear to be minor but at times these are so serious, that they need prolonged treatment! These injuries are at times unavoidable but in most instances these are caused to bad exercise techniques. If incorrect techniques are hurriedly used, it can result muscle tear, pull, sprain, rip and even wrench a muscle. For example, a stray dumbbell can actually cause immense havoc in a matter of seconds. Its important to start your gym training under the guidance of an expert and with experience you can carry out your sessions independently.

It’s extremely important to learn steps like twists, turns, reps and even pushes as training starts.

Ways To Avoid Gym Injuries:

Always Warm-Up Before Exercises

A proper and gradual warm-up is always important. It alerts your body about the exertions and prepares it. This helps in preventing cramps, sprains and other injuries. Warm-up can be jogging, walking or simple free-hand exercises for at least ten minutes.

Slowly Increasing Intensity And Speed

Quality needs emphasis and quantity should not be the only factor considered! As you start an exercise program, you might feel an inner urge to rush through and achieve higher levels of intensity and speed. This might be your eagerness and over enthusiasm but your body needs time to adapt and change.

Start at a moderate pace of about 20 minutes. Practice this three times in a week and then you can slowly increase the intensity and speed. Never rush for too hard and too soon.

Eat And Drink Before Workouts

Just as you wouldn’t exercise immediately after having your meal, similarly you should never exercise on an empty stomach. You should have light food before our workout sessions. This will help you stay energetic for the training sessions and prevent any injury. Dehydration will not help your exercises. It will help you to keep hydrated. You need to drink at least two glasses of water before you start working out. This water is extremely necessary to replace all lost fluids during workout sessions.

Dehydration can make you senseless and can cause injuries when you faint or fall.

Understand Your Body Signals

You are the only person who understands your body and how much you can take. We all understand all signs which our body tells us about sickness, pain or injury. As soon as you feel you are not able to strain further, you should stop immediately. If you go further even after understanding this, you will be responsible for all injuries caused.

Stay Away From Over-training

Over-training is the first step you take towards a painful path or to an injury. Over-training means too much stress on your skeletal system or your muscles. If this happens on a regular basis or regularly, especially when one is training for marathon and walking for hours on the treadmill, the stress gets too much. Muscles and bones slowly start getting weak, a nagging knee pain starts which stays for life and muscles start aching. There might be excessive loss of body fluids leading to its dehydration.

Always Stretch After Workouts

Never miss out your stretches no matter how late you are running. Stretching helps to relax your muscles which were on use during workouts. This helps in preventing pains and injuries caused during movements when working out.Follow the above tips and you will be free from any kind of gym injury – concentrate only on your training!


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