4 Tips To Build Muscle In The Lower Abs

It is necessary to adhere to a regular and intensive workout routine if you expect to build the desired lower abs muscle. You must ensure to work in a perfect manner with the upper abs, lower abs and the side oblique as well. Exercise for lower abs that will bring about the best possible results includes bicycle exercises, reverse crunches and leg raise as well.

4 Tips To Build Muscle In The Lower Abs

Leg Raises

Leg raises is the king for building lower abs muscles and you must never neglect the practice of this particular exercise.Most athletes as well as body builders have gained best possible results by practicing the leg raises exercise. The leg raises exercise plays a significant role in strengthening the lower back, hips and the buttocks.

Practice Bicycle Exercise

Bicycle is yet another effective exercise that helps to build muscles in the lower abs. Bicycle exercise if practiced on a regular basis can go a long way in developing the intercostals, lower abdominals and obloquies.The encouraging aspect with this particular type of lower abs exercise is that there is no real need to take the help of special equipments and related tools. If you want to practice this exercise in a comfortable approach then it is necessary to make use of a special mat or carpet.

Reverse Crunch

Reverse crunch is another effective exercise that you can practice anywhere or even at the comfort of your home. While practicing this lower abs workout, it is a good idea to make use of resistance bands so as to gain the best results.

Employ Use Of Resistance Bands

The resistance bands are of minute size and prove to be of immense help as well. Many individuals generally tend to overlook such small resistance bands. With the aid of the resistance bands, you can easily practice any specific type of exercises including shoulder press, lunges, squats and a few other workouts.Truly, the resistance bands can bring about miraculous results to your fat belly and play a major role to build muscle in the lower abs.You can also practice scissor kicks for the sole purpose of losing lower belly fat. Generating tension around the belly portion can truly prove to be beneficial in building muscles in the lower abs. You can expect to lose as much as three/four inches within a short duration of four/six weeks by practicing this exercise on a regular basis.

It is also necessary to adhere to a balanced and healthy eating diet while practicing this type of workout programs. It is necessary to squeeze the abdominal muscle while practicing the exercise so as to gain the best possible results.Practicing scissor kicks will generate tension around the portion of your waistline and hence you can build muscle in the lower abs in a trouble free approach. Beginners must practice the lower abs exercise for an interval of 20 to 45 seconds whereas advanced individuals must practice the exercise for duration close to 2 to 3 minutes in order to gain the best possible results.


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